Picture of Speaker Wire Sculptures

      Hello, everybody. I am member of Instructables for few years now, but this is my very first instructable. I'm posting it so it can be entered in the UP! Contest and if you like it, give it a vote
      My instructable is about wire sculptures made out of speaker cable. Also I intend of selling the sculptures in order to raise money for a 3D printer so you can leave a comment with what would you like me to make for you :D

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Step 1: Tools and parts

Picture of Tools and parts

For tools you will need just some:
- Pliers
- Wire stripper
- Cutter
- Soldering iron
- Sloder and solder paste or flux (your choise)
- Small translucent ruler
- Helping hands 

For parts, well... speaker cable, off course :)), some super glue, electronic parts, mecanical parts, bits and pieces that you will use for your sculptures

Also, being away from my workshop, I don't have my helping hands so I had to improvise some holers for the wire. If you have yours you can skip the next step. 

Step 2: The Improvization

Picture of The Improvization
For this rig you will need:

- wood board
- 2 metal clamps
- small spring 
- 3 or 4 screws

Found some scrap wood from an old cabinet, just perfect for my use :D

I've screwed one metal clamp on the board and I attached the spring to the other, then screwed the spring on the board. The distance between the clamps is yours to decide just remember that it determines the lenght of the wires that you will work with.

Step 3: Preparation 1

Picture of Preparation 1
Ok, now that you have your rig or helping hands prepared it's time to get started!

Frist, you measure the distance between the metal clamps and cut the cable slightly shorter than that lenght.
Next, strip the wires and twist them tight.
Repeat this process until you think you have enough for your model.
riverswamp9 months ago

lots of uses for speaker wire, not just to lisen to.

Great stuff! where are you from?
Eva902 years ago
Good job!
Thrasym2 years ago
I'm not into the mechanical stuff, personally (the bike and car) but that spider is a pretty awesome creepy crawly.