Picture of Speaker cabinet and art shelf from old car speakers
Update: Better final pictures

After doing a complete sound system overhaul on my friend's Subaru Imprezza I found myself very impressed with the build quality of the factory speakers.  Separate tweeters, woven cone, decent sized magnet, solid basket structure..  I felt like it would be a waste to throw away well built and almost brand new speakers.  I told him... give me a little time, I'll re-purpose these into something for you.

I had seen instructables and commercially available products before that were essentially a single speaker tower like what you would find in a nice home theater but with aux or BT inputs to be stand alone units.  My issue with so many of them is that they were either under powered, ugly as all heck, or just didn't look like they could really hold their own.  I didn't want to build a speaker box, I wanted to build a piece of furniture that my friend would be proud to display in his home for years to come.

My goal for this project was that it would:
-be visually appealing
-serve a secondary purpose other than playing music
-be easy to use
-not break the bank

Tools I used:
-Table saw
-Soldering iron

jweber151 year ago
awesome, don't have any car speakers. but I bet I can buy some and still make this cheaper than one online
hamsammy (author)  jweber151 year ago
Thanks! It could probably sound better with individually purchased speakers, perhaps some with known parameters with which to build the enclosure size, but I was working with what I had.