Speaker Made From a Fossil Watch Container (for an Ipod)





Introduction: Speaker Made From a Fossil Watch Container (for an Ipod)

Well i had an old speaker from a tape/radio so i thought i'd free it from its turquoise confinement and put it into somthing stylish!


Step 1: Get a Fossil Watch

ok i know they're over-priced and from the buckle and is not at all the instructable state-of-mind because of the expense but i already had one around the house and i thought it was a neat container for a speaker .......... anyway onward toward the directions

I first drew a line around the speaker on the back-side of the lid. After that i poked a hole in the lid (large enough to fit a needle nose plyers) and i pulled it in a circular direction until it connected to the other side... i then bent the side edges inward toward the inside of the tin....... i did it with my thumb be careful not to cut yourself it is sharp (i didn't but just a warning, i dont wanna hear any sob storys)

Step 2: Pokin a Hole

poke a hole in the back near the bottom and wedge somthing into it (i used a sissors) and i twisted it until i could fit a headphone jack through it.

Step 3: The Speaker

i soldered the leads from the headphone jack to the speaker ....... then instead of cuting the long wire and resoldering it i neatly rapped the cord around the back of the speaker and secured it with hot glue........ then i cut the right size peice of card board and glued the speaker to it ........ i also added supports for around the edges, look at the picture...

Step 4: Putting the Speaker in Its Home

now all you have to do is feed the headphone jack through the hole ......... carefully set your speaker into place and you are readdy to ROCK!

if u feel that the directions weren't that good you can check out my other instructable (cardboard boombox ......... its the same concept with a different container...... anyway hope you have fun with this .........

And yes, to the people who'll be leaving comments, it would be Alot louder if it had an amp but i'm not sure what one looks like and i wouldn't know what to save when i took the stuff apart..........i really would like some help identifying what an amp looks like (one found in a radio or boombox) so if someone would send me a pic or somthing that would be helpful, if not that is fine.



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    if you use headphones how do you make them into a speaker

    I too have one of this tins as well and have been thinking about doing such a project. Though I have a few different plans...Instead of cutting a hole in the top I decided to cut a pattern of wholes. I'm also adding an LM386 amp circuit, toggle switch, LED and 3.5mm audio jack.

    new pics 076.jpg

    Finished! LM386 & a few other components, power LED, pot for volume control and 3.5mm jack.

    new pics 081.jpg

    I did the exact same thing with the speaker, soldering the wire and it won't work. I have a single 3 watt speaker and i figur it needs power. any suggestions on how to power it??

    You can build a pretty simple amp with an LM386 chip and a few components or you could find some cheap small computer speakers and try and match the voltage with batteries.


    Use an amp. The power output of your device is just to low to power a 3W speaker. If you want to power a single 3W speaker you should use at least a 1.5-2W amp. Now i'm using the TDA1015 amp it's got a power output of about 1-4W (depending on the voltage input.) it's power consumption is sort of low and the quality is HIGH, If that amp is too much use the TA7368P i'ts power output is about 0.9-1.1W ,depending on the schematic, the consumption is good but on some bassi songs you would need more power(there's a way with capacitors but that's not the point now.). And finaly if all of those aren't good use the good ol' LM386 the power consumption is low as the output and quality. For further info send me a message or E-mail me at: t@chilyashev.com

    Hello, what did you use for the speaker's protective grill?
    I put some speakers in a CD case, and now I don't know what to use to protect them, since it's designed to be portable. Thanks!

    hey i made 1 like this but it has a 5 volt amp in it . i power it with a 9 volts battery

    "i soldered the leads from the headphone jack to the speaker" How did you connect the stereo output from the headphone jack to the mono-speaker? Also what's the impedence of that speaker?

    yeah this might be bad for your MP3 player if you use a low impedence/resistance speaker. Bad as in BREAK.