These speakers are a combo of those swapmeet foldup speakers they sell for ipods and some i salvaged from an old I-mac computer.  the battery holder is from the first version of my bicycle lights and the wires were either bought at radio shack or found in dumpster.  this is a custom job i did for someone who wanted speakers on their bike.   

Step 1: Materials

Available at home depot or lowes

X2    1 1/2" PVC end caps

X2    1/1/4" PVC end caps

X4    1/2" Conduit hangers

X4   AA batterys- i got nicads from harbor frieght  theyre not great but cheap

X2   rubber grommets ( see picture)

From radio shack or digikey or dumpster

X2 Male RCA plugs

X1  female through hole 3.5 MM stereo jack. i salvaged it from dead walkman radio shack sells these if you dont have one on hand

 Battery holder -( one that holds 4 AA) or any 6v battery will do you can find these at digikey or radio shack, mine was designed to hold 6 batterys but i shorted it to hold 4, since my amp runs on 6v

Speaker wire a very thin guage im not sure exactly but it was alot from the dumpster

some kind of donor plug to go from battery holder to DC in on the amp also found in dumpster

X2 female to female RCA plugs


Some kind of paint , i bought candy apple because thats the color they wanted

RTV sealant- available at the 99 cents store

Screws and nuts of your choice 

fold up ipod speakrers

bicycle tool bag that was given to me by a crackhead. 

Great job! ?
<p>great job! pretty simple to make!</p>
<p>Extra points if you can figure out how to blue tooth it, water proof it and find a source of speakers that doesnt include finding an old 1990s IMac</p>
that's a really fun idea!
it also sounds better since the ape hangers are close to shoulder / ear level . it was fun to build but like the lights and horn stealthing the wiring is going to be a pain. thanks for commenting

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