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Introduction: Speakers in Bag

This is my creation. I put to pc speakers and their amp in bag. Its runs on two 9v batteries connected in parallel for longer work. Everything is made for 25 $. It has one 3mm jack, five w amp,  two 9v battery, and two 6 watt 4 ohm speakers. I only need to put protective net over speakers.

I made this thing in 3 hours, lot of things inside are recycled, like battery clip and bag. (Bag was broken so i sewed it).

Sorry about my english, im from Croatia.



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    work on you english, and get back with a step by step to piece this thing together

    made this and actually sewing it on the backpack sucked!!! but my amp is weak and needs to b louder

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    Maybe stronger batteries like 12v small liqid acid? Your amp is fine but you ne stronger batteries

    the amp was made for 2 AA would a 12 v hurt it?

    try using 2 C or D-cell batteries. they are the same voltage, but wayyyy higher mAh. they'll last weeks instead of days ;)

    all you need is a computer speaker but ur idea is cool

    I am making the instructables now.
    It will be done for you.

    Please rate.

    I dont see a single instruction here :/...even thou your project sure looks cools...this isn't an instructable at all :/...

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    Yes, i forgot to take pictures during constructing. So I cant make instructables. But I can try. Please rate.

     You're correct. But thats why it's just a slideshow. There are so many others out there that display projects they have done in slideshow form. With enough begging though we might be able to convince him to make an instructable.