A quick and easy way to make a gross special effect. I probably did not invent this technique but came up with it on my own after experimenting a little bit.

I got called in to do sp/fx (that's "industry" for special effect makeup) the day before a shoot when the regular sp/fx guy had an emergency and couldn't make it. The makeup guy called me and asked if I could step in for him, since we've worked together before and I could keep continuity with his work.

The script called for the actor, in a state of mental anguish, to torture herself by pressing a razor blade into her palm. Not to slice it up a lot, just a little. Since this was being shot with hi-def equipment the cut had to look like a real cut, which meant thin layers.

I would have preferred to create a silicone appliance that she could actually slash up, put a little blood pack beneath it so they could shoot it all in one, but there was no time for that luxury. So I relied on the lo-tech old school method of latex, paint, and runny blood, and great acting, and we got it in one take.

I don't have access to the footage, as it's still in post production. The effect was so realistic that the producer, who was watching on the monitor, turned a funny shade of green and had to take some deep breaths before the cold sweats went away. So, not for the squeamish!

Step 1: Materials Needed & Preparation

Liquid Latex
Baby Powder
Injury Stack Greasepaints
Small Palette Knife
Small Palette or Disposable Non-paper Plate
Runny Stage Blood
Small Paint Brushes (2)
Liquid Soap
Witch Hazel or Other Oil-Free Toner
Cotton Balls
Small Glass or Metal Bowl

If you don't have an injury stack or injury wheel, you can use greasepaints in red and black. If your trauma needs a little bruising, you'll also want blue and yellow paints, or a bruise wheel.

Begin by cleansing the area with toner to remove any excess oils and perspiration.
No offense, but there are many ways to tell its fake: 1.no running blood, 2. clean razor, 3. who just randomly cuts there hand. And I know what you're thinking, I know its a fake gash.
the fact that theres no blood just makes it sicker.
Blood doesn't always pour down immediately. I mean, it does that if you cut major veins like your jugular, but I've cut myself like that [not on purpose, I'm accident prone] and it took a second for blood to actually trickle from the wound.
of course it is, it's an instructable on how to make fake cuts<br />
i kno im&nbsp; just saying<br /> <br />
&nbsp;... it's for halloween or something. Not a movie.&nbsp;
yah i kno<br />
This WAS an effect for a movie. made the director (Sunrise Tippeconnie) throw up when we did it, ha ha.<br />
check out the last picture in step 6 for blood sticking to the palette knife. The picture in the intro was actually taken on set and the prop master had already cleaned up and put away the blade, so I had to go fetch it. I had already put away the fake blood and didn't want to get it out again, and also didn't want to dribble it all over the actress's hand since it tends to stain. When we shot the scene, the blood ran right down the edge of the blade and dripped off the end. That worked because the blade had been scuffed up with a bench grinder and the scratches provided a surface for the blood to stick to. As to who just randomly cuts their hand -- if you've ever been in grad school, you'd understand this perfectly! Hands, legs (thighs in particular)... less destructive people might find self-inflicted tattoos a more relaxing past time. Anything to relieve the stress, really.
Nothing personal, I just like to contradict people. 1. What if it's an old wound? 2. Same thing. 3. Emos.
who cares, it would be a good prank, you have to agree with that
I do.
told ya
i like the first pic. (shudder)
What is the &quot;Witch Hazel or Other Oil-Free Toner&quot; for?
To clean the skin. See the second photo on step 1.
You may now join the wolf pack. +1 if you got that.<br><br>Anyway, this is really convincing. Whats the baby powder for? Is it to match the skin a little better?
I believe it sets the makeup so it doesn't smear.
actually, it keeps the latex from sticking to itself.
Preaty awsome.
It looks like a big blister<br>
that does look positively painful. good job!
&nbsp;I'm doing this for haloween. It's so cool!
Wow, I really appreciate these tips. We're doing a project in my photography class involving wounds, it'll be interesting to see what people have to say when I whip out some bubblegum and fake blood and turn it into a cut. Thanks, it looks really great. I'll send you the results of the shoot once we're done, alright?
put it on your wrist and watch how many people look at you wierd.
Hello 13 year old... Your secret is safe for me... just put a gash on your wrist...
how old are you mr. hidden age 13 yo
im 16 and joking around
man oh man i wish i was this good lol .. would be perfect for halloween, or getting out of work hahaha
oh no! the 1st picture looks like the brush is inside the hand eeeeeeuuuurrrrrgggghhhh
yeah, isn't that naaaaaaasty??
yup eeeuuurrrggghhh
very nice! +1
heres is a little tip, throw some yellow in there to represent fat cells. and darken the blood up some, artery blood is red. venous blood is dark.
The sad thing is that I bought a latex slashed wrist yesterday
great instructables with good pictures!

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