Special Ice Cream





Introduction: Special Ice Cream

 OK this prank is not only cheap but it is very simple to make. My friend is in the military and when he came back home for a few weeks we decided to prank him. its only fair since we always try to out prank each other.
so this is what you need:

2 quarts of mint chocolate ice cream (about 1.97 at wall-mart )
1 pack of wasabi                                     (about 1.50 at wall-mart)
1 bowl
1 spoon

Step 1: Mixing

 The reason for two quarts of ice cream is so you can eat yours(witch is safe). and your friend can have the pranked one!
Take half of the ice cream out of the quart  using the spoon and put it into the bowl. take the wasabi and mix all of it in the bowl as well. then mix them together with the spoon, mix thoroughly since it is still frozen. (it will get easer as its mixed).
When mixed  add it back into the quart with the other half of ice cream and refreeze. (you only mix half of the ice cream to make the wasabi more effective even though a little goes a long way.
they sell a tube of wasabi at wall-mart that is the perfect size and cheep! (remember a little goes a long way!

Step 2: The Setup

Invite the person you want to prank over to hangout or to do a movie night.(whatever you do)
when over just walk to the kitchen grab your ice cream and his. usually i mark mine on the lid so i don't get confused. and hand it out.
the second he takes a bite he will be running for the sink. i wish i had a video of my friend doing this but i found one video on youtube.


They say its green tea ice cream, but its more practical to hide it in mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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    The funny thing is that there IS wasabi ice cream. I've ordered it before and it's delicious. There's a strange sensation of the cold of the ice cream and the hot sting of the wasabi. Well worth trying if you love wasabi.

    1 reply

    That's great! I'm relieved I'm not the only one who's into wasabi. :)

    Once I gave a friend some wasabi. he was acting like he knew what it was, but i doubt it. He ate about 2 teaspoons (he squirted it into his mouth) and he was on the ground crying. he had to go home early from school that day.

    Hey, that sounds like something I would *like* to eat! We get the dried wasabi in the 2 pound bags, though. I've used it in all sorts of things to give just a little zip. Great on popcorn, too.

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     ehh i don't know if i could  do that i bought some wasabi covered almonds one time and had to wash them off lol. i only like it with wasabi!!

    what is wasabi???.... is it like caster oil or somethin... or is it spicey or what

    3 replies

     Wasabi is basically green horse radish.  

    Actually, real wasabi comes from the mooshed up root of the wasabi plant, which is typically grown in Japan. It is really, really expensive (75-100 $ for not very much), so the cheap stuff is actually horseradish (which is similar in taste and spice-effect) that is colored with green food coloring. It really clears up your sinuses. :D

     he's right.   its a very strong spice. its not "hot"  strong but flavor wise. i can only do about a pee size. u eat it with sushi.   as a dare my friend got me to eat about a hershey kiss size( as soon as it was in my mouth i was crying haha )when i say cry i mean it my eyes could not stop watering and ur throat and nose open wide as can be and then the strong flavor finally kicks in.

     i can think of a few people i would like to try this on :)