Special Paper Rose





Introduction: Special Paper Rose

I learned this technique of crafting paper roses back at school for math class. It is very easy. All you need is one or two sheets of what ever color you want your rose.

Step 1: Folding

You will want to fold your piece of paper in half and then in half once again.

Step 2: Strips

Open it up and cut along the fold so you end up with four strips.

Step 3: End to End

Now tape the pieces end to end to form one long strip

Step 4: Lets Roll

Start on the corner and start rolling to for the stem keep rolling until you have the desired length. Fold the piece of paper over to make a point and slowly turn wrapping around the center. you will continue to wrap and fold until the rose is complete just add a little tape to keep it in place and unraveling.

Step 5: Spray Paint

I love to spray paint my finished roses or I will do it before i roll it up.  Be creative have a rose with polka dots or something make it your own. Have fun.



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    i can get the stem but not the petals part im stuck plz help

    With the added video, this is very easy to figure out, and the roses look very nice. Thanks for the instructable!

    There we go got it.

    well all it will let me do is add it as a file then you have to download. I do not know why I am having troubles

    Sorry I don't know why it didn't load up. Let me try it again.

    Wheres the video?? we're stuck... :(

    I...i had it, right up until step four. I got the stem done, but i don't understand how to do the petals :s

    1 reply

    Not a problem i should have a video up in just a few min. In general it is just wrap a little and fold like picture 3. wrap a little more fold and just keep going till the end.