Got unexpected guests at your laboratory?
You want to feast them but the pantry is empty?
Be generous and take one of your wet specimen glasses out of the shelf and pop it open to cheer up your folks and get them tipsy at your cozy laboratory...

Follow me step by step to the preservation lab to show you the genesis of this drink. Don't be scared - all parts of this drink are food save and eat/drinkable. You can make a alcoholic mixture as well as a non-alcoholic concoction.

Wikipedia defines: "A zoological specimen is an animal or part of an animal preserved for scientific use. Various uses are : to verify the identity of a (species), to allow study, increase public knowledge of zoology."
I would like to add: "A homemade wet specimen is beneficial to contribute a decorative drink for your halloween party"

I want to credit caitlinsdad and DotatDabbled here.
Their instructables https://www.instructables.com/id/Har-Gow-Horrors-Shrimp-Dumplings/ and https://www.instructables.com/id/Creepy-Bubble-Halloween-Cocktails/ were a huge inspiration for me. Thank you!


If you happen to own a real specimen you might already know: To drink the liquid of a real wet specimen is highly toxic due to the added Formaldehyde. Never ever drink the liquid of a real wet specimen!

And don't burn yourself with the hot water in steps 4 and 5
And don't cut yourself in step 4
And don't serve alcohol to kids

Step 1: Raw Materials and Apparatuses

To create your creatures you require:

For your big signature animal:
100 gram (about 1 cup) tapioca starch
100 gram (about 1 cup) cornstarch
about 9 tablespoons of boiling hot water
2 cloves (for the eyes)

For the smaller (serving size) animals:
100 gram (about 1 cup) tapioca starch
4 1/2 tablespoons of boiling hot water
flax seeds (for the eyes)

To process the creatures you require:

a big bowl to mix the dough
a smaller bowl to cover the dough
a silicone spatula for mixing
a clean surface to sculpt your animal
a knife and kitchen scissors
a spray bottle to humidify your hands and the creatures
parchment paper
a steaming vessel
a big pot
small heat resistant items to support the animal while cooking (I used corks)

To showcase your creatures you require:

mason jars in various sizes
I used a 2 liter (about 2 quarts) and a 1,5 liter (about 1,5 quarts) jar.
Wide mouth jars make it easier to put the creatures in...

The Ingredients for the liquid solutions:

You find the options for the concoction and the according ingredients in step 6.

<p>You are my hero/heroine!! I was checking out boba recipes, saw your creatures and HAD to check it out. I like that you call this &quot;scientific&quot; rather than disgusting but whatever anyone thinks, it's a completely fun idea. For myself with a biology and medical interest, it's hard for anything to gross me out though I'll need to be careful who I serve these to as I've too many who find my interests in such things weird. Definitely going to make this! Thank you!!!</p>
<p>Thank you for your nice comment!</p><p>I hope you'll have fun making them. It is a kind of laborious cocktail but the result is well worth it :)</p>
<p>Wow, creepy and cool! :)</p>
<p>Thank you! This ible was a lot of fun ;)</p>
Mmm... Diabolically Delicious!
AMAZING! This is even a great school lab prank or college prank! I must do this, I LOVE IT!
You're right, there is quite some prankability in these glasses : ) <br> <br>But promise you will tell your victim (and the spectators) afterwards about the toxic content of real specimen. And command them to only sip at homemade ones!
love love it
I only wish I could vote more than once. *sigh* This is a definite Halloween contest winner, good luck!
Looks like FSM larva...
FSM? <br>Flying Spaghetti Monster? <br>
I've been on Instructables years and this has to be one of the funniest/best I've seen <br>Super detailed instructions - thanks for posting
You comment puts me in instant high spirits : ) <br>Thanks!
This is the most evil thing I have ever seen. Kudos, bravo, and oh my god you are a GENIUS.
Very nice! Does the animal eventually dissolve? Does it need to be kept cold? Does it impart any taste to the drinks? I would love to try this! And I am definitely going to try making embryos!
It is basically bubble tea - I wouldn't prepare it more than one day in advance and keep it cool till serving. The next day the &quot;skin&quot; of the animal feels a little slippery but it doesn't dissolve. <br>I didn't recognize any changes in taste... <br> <br>(BTW I kept my test batches about one week in the tea water, uncooled. They still looked fine after one week although the water became a little cloudy and the animals surfaces started to deteriorate very slightly. So as a decoration they work fine for a week - But of course you can't serve those!!!) <br> <br>I would love to see your version!
Thanks! My son loves bubble tea, and that makes sense once you explained it. I am not an artist, but I will try some embryos and maybe a hagfish. I am trying to remember all those wonderful disgusting things we had on the shelves in biology class! This was a great instructables!
I wish this one had come out before Halloween! Well, there's always next year. <br> <br>When we were in my wife's hometown in China, we visited a liquor shop that sold moonshine from various villages around the province. (Each one was supposed to have unique health giving properties) He also had very decorative bottles of 120 proof liquor that had snakes, lizards, fish and herbs.
I 'll have to search for the health properties of axolotls. This would add another topic to the conversation suggestions in step 8! : )
There's a similar species in the Ohio river valley called Hellbenders. They have no health giving properties. Their bite is mildly poisonous, and they can take your fingers off. <br><br>Fishermen catch them by accident. It's best to cut your line and hope they aren't too angry.
This sounds so perfect for halloween. <br> <br>A hellbender specimen cocktail! <br>Instead of worms -&gt; serve fishermen fingertips! <br> <br>I'm exited! <br>
Okay, this one is kinda creepy...creepy cool. How do you pronounce axolotls anyway? They must have turned off the ventilator fans in the lab when you dreamt this one up.
Ax-oh-lowt-ul. <br> <br>All vowels had the hard sound.
I'll go for superpowersalamander as I know nothing about english pronunciation... <br>But I feel highly honored by your words, dear master of blood-curdling foods! <br> <br>
Wow brilliant! What about one of these failed Ripley clones?
Nice idea! <br>But actually I think I wouldn't be able to form such a detailed specimen. Due to my lacking sculpting skills and because this dough isn't as nice as clay or play dough to work with. It is a little hard to tame and has a tendency to break / brittle. <br>
Potentially a great way to get one's roomates to stop drinking one's booze. Love this idea..
this is crazed! so cool
Best instructable ever. I loved that idea!
Disgusting ... I love it :)
I'd rather call it Scientific : )
Ohh man. this is amazing... and very well written. I cannot wait to do this for our Halloween party next year. Thanks for taking the time to post it. <br>
I know, I posted this too late to be useful for this years Halloween... <br>... at least now you've got one year time to train and experiment with the recipe : )
This is one of the most creative presentations and decorations for a party I've ever seen! I also really like that you give alternate suggestions.
Thank You!
Nice job! Your English was quite good. The only potentially confusing thing I noticed was that a lot of people know linseeds as &quot;flax seeds&quot;. :)
Thank you for helping! <br>I'll change it

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