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I am going to build a custom skateboard that will go down hills very fast, yet turn well also. I took the trucks and wheels (roller-blade wheels) off of my street luge (only momentarily) and put them on a 2x4 that is slightly longer than a normal skateboard. Then, I screwed on the deck of the skateboard to the top of the 2x4. It is as simple as that. The new and improved is soon to come. 


tictaclad (author)2012-01-23

what size wheels are u running?

freeza36 (author)tictaclad2012-01-23

no idea. average rollerblade wheels

Higgs Boson (author)2011-12-18


freeza36 (author)Higgs Boson2011-12-18


freeza36 (author)Higgs Boson2011-12-18

yes it is

Higgs Boson (author)2011-12-17

How's it work?

freeza36 (author)Higgs Boson2011-12-18

goes fast, turns amazing

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