Speed Independent Propeller Display [With english letter database]

watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jmODg4TcKE

his is a propeller display built on MSP430, which is speed independent, and has a english letter database in it, all you have to do to change the text on the display is, change the string in the 'setstring()' function. the circuit diagram is along with the other pictures, and the code is free, feel free see all the pictures that i have uploaded... you just built the circuit as shown in the pictures, burn the code given, and enjoy your own propeller display...

you are welcome for any quarry... :)
Mr AbAk9 months ago

where to buy msp430g2553 Microcontroller plz telll

Samartist (author)  Mr AbAk9 months ago

you can get free samples of these micro0-controllers from the Texas instrument website...