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Finally I decided to upload videos on painting and drawing either on paper or eva rubber personally is my favorite material for it and created a new channel where you will see all kinds of drawing and artistic painting, as I said will special paint on paper foamy and for all those who like to draw and paint I think it will be useful.

to paint foamy I have no any technique in specific, just use the basic materials to paint and work with rubber eva, some say it's painting country, but in reality it is not because this work with different technique and time it is like vintage type, and what I do is just get carried away when I paint, so we can recreate all colors and lights that should bring the figure, this is just love to painting and art.

This time we start painting on flat white foamy film Dory approaching (Finding Dory) so without further ado I leave you with the video.

Step 1: Step by Step Video

Step 2: ​Basic Materials Used to Paint Dory:

Acrylic paintings



Olio pastel crayons

pastel chalks



Foamy, eva Rubber microporous foam black and white

Wet cloth to blend colors


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