Picture of Battery from Deodorant & Pennies (rechargeable)
With 10 pennies & Speed Stick Deodorant I will show you how to make a battery to power an led or more depending on the amount of batteries used.  Entered into the pocket size contest PLEASE VOTE

Step 1: Small amount of deodorant

Picture of small amount of deodorant
deodorant contains zinc that is why it can be used , take a small amount less than the size of a penny when flattened
aniltvmin2 years ago
good idea, well instructed....
But, once the vinegar dries up, dont you need to "refill". In your experience, how long it lasts without refilling (re-constructing)...?
Any way, thanks for sharing..
indigo401 (author)  aniltvmin2 years ago
I have had my single battery powering an led for almost three months now with no change. I also made a 3.5 volt for my fish tank that I recharge with my solar panel.
I don't think it's a matter of the vinegar being "wet" once it is saturated into the cardboard dry or not it will still be there so it should work indefinably.
indigo401 (author) 2 years ago
Entered In The Pocket Sized Contest Please Vote!!!
great idea.really awesome.same to you.keep up the good work