Speed Up Your Phone in 1 Minute


Introduction: Speed Up Your Phone in 1 Minute

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So as know every phone isn't fast, fluid, smooth and lag free.Especially budget phones are slow and laggy. Making your phone fast is really complicated. But through this simple tricks you can make your phone fast. So here's how you can Speed Up Your Phone in 1 Minute.

Step 1: Clear Cache Data

First of all, Open the Settings then Scroll Down and you will see Storage. Open Storage and Scroll Down and you will see Cached Data. So now tap on Cached Data and then hit OK and it will Clear out the Cached Data. This will not delete your Photos, Music, Pictures or any other File. So feel free and delete it. The process might different on different but the option will be there.

Step 2: Unlock Developer Options

So the Second trick is to Speed Up Animations but before that you will need to unlock Developer Options. And that is very Simple. So Open Settings then Scroll down till the end and you will see About Phone. Open About Phone and you will see Build Number and tap the Build Number 5 to 8 times. Till you see " You are already a Developer". Now go back and you will see Developer Options. Go into Developer Options and turn it ON.

Step 3: Speed Up the Animations

Now you have turned on Developer Options. Scroll Down and you see Window Animation Scale and Transition Animation Scale. Tap on the Window Animation Scale and change it to .5x as shown above in the Picture. And do the same with the Transition Animation Scale to .5x. IMPORTANT NOTE- Don't change any other thing until you know that perfectly. And that's it now your Phone will be much more Faster than it was earlier. And yeah this only works on Android Phone. But can do this on iPhone by turning on reduce motion option in settings. And if this trick worked for you, tell me down in the comments.

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    Simple and effective. There is another way too. For that you have to be developer. In that developer options, set following to off (Initial they will be set at 2x or 1x)

    1)windows animation

    2)Transition animation

    3)Animator Duration scale

    Now how to invoke developer options in mobile and become developer. Well, go to settings and then click on about phone and then scroll it down til you find build number. Click the build number for 4 times. voila , you are developer now.

    Try it

    You are only changing the animator setting. If you want really good speed up you have to root your device, more precisely overclock it. If your device does not support overclocking use root apps. By the way it's a great instructable.

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    Rooting a phone is complex method for most of the people. And it is not quick and easy. Rooting might void your warranty. But if you want you can do it. :-)

    You are right rooting will void your warranty. But the process of rooting is not that complicated you are thinking. Oneclick root solutions are available now so go for it if you wanted to root. Most of the android devices stop getting updates after one of two years. If you want a lag free device go with the windows devices. And if you still think i am wrong test benchmark.


    2 years ago

    That is awesome! Thanks a lot!!!

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    2 years ago

    Great info very easy to understand i did it in minutes and i have noticed faster loading times with apps and online content thanks you got a vote from me.

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    Thanks!! If you liked, you can share it! :-)