If you have a lot of contacts in you smartphone searching can be a pain because it gives to many hits. My solution is to put the contacts' initials at the end of the name as a pseudo-hash to speed the search so that normally it only three taps.

Step 1: Here's the Problem

All those named with Z... How to get to who I want easily?

Step 2: After the Initials Have Been Added

With the initials added, as per the image.

Step 3: What the Search Now Looks Like

Now with two initials I quickly get to who I want or reduce the number of hits.

It really comes into its own when sending SMSs to a group of people.

That's it.
Obviously it works best for your inner circle. <br><br>Perhaps you could create other hashes such as &quot;John the bear&quot;, &quot;Carol the duck&quot; &quot;Duc the tiger&quot; &quot;Jose the leopard&quot; &quot;Bill the snail&quot; etc. then search by the animal (or whatever you choose) but this seems to just swap one problem for another. Just a thought. ;-)
good. the problem is : you must remember each initial of your contact name. right?
<p>That's a neat little trick! </p>

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