Speed Up Ur Computer Without Buying Anything





Introduction: Speed Up Ur Computer Without Buying Anything

This instructable teaches you how to make your computer perform better for free

i know the pics are weird just click and scroll down

Step 1: Open Note Pad

Start up notepad... Put in the following


thats an 8 with seven 0s

Step 2: Saving

save as:


vbe isnt the file format just save it as a txt file

Make sure it is on ur desktop

Step 3: Just Double Click

Just double click it and it will clean up ur ram and your computer will run faster.
I garuntee that this will not harm ur computer

Just try it u wont regret it



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    This is a perfectly good instructable that works!

    It helped a bit and real easy to do

    This Instructable DOES NOT works for 2 reasons -

    1) Anything saved as txt file would just be opened in notepad and have no effect.

    2) You shouldn't anyways 'clear' RAM as sometimes it makes PC even slower (cause SOME apps(not all) stop even system services to clear RAM, which is harmful and sometimes you need to restart PC).

    its not working now its just slower than it originally was.

    what are the risks/downsides?, and what the hell is physical memory, or any other kind in your computer?????????????????????????????????????

    3 replies

    well i dont know of any... Physical memory is how much ur computer can handle at one point in time (im pretty sure or so im told)

    Physical memory is storage space that the CPU can quickly access. This program fills up the Physical memory, And the CPU gunks up. When the space is freed by the process being deleted, There is more avalible RAM for a couple of seconds. Then the ram is taken by other programs that need it.

    Other kinds of memory include- Hard disk, CD-ROM, CD, DVD, And USB devices. There is no speed boost you gain by deleting off these mediums. This program can be harmful to the computer by overworking the Physical Memory, Shortning the life of it.

    physical memory.... also known as ram.

    whatever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!didn't worked in my computer........

       This instructable creates a Visual Basic program. When you click on the desktop icon, it runs the program.
       The program declares a large string. This takes a lot of RAM, forcing Windows to make space by writing data from RAM to the hard drive storage area.
       The program then terminates, freeing the RAM.

       Your computer now has a large contiguous space for computing, which makes it run faster - for a while.
       This technique is most useful when you use the computer for long periods of time without rebooting, when RAM fills with many separate pieces of data that aren't being used but just taking up space.
       Unless you make major errors with this program (unlikely, it's so simple) there can be no downside to using it; you just might not notice much difference depending on your setup and usage pattern.
       The one real problem that could happen is that your computer doesn't have enough unlocked memory available to do this housecleaning; in which case the program will exit with a possible error message - and you'll be no worse off.

    Not that I need to, but is there a way to reverse that code? I believe it screwed my old computer up, and I wanna try it again, but before I do I wanna make sure theres a way to reverse it

    Is there a way to direct the script to use a drive other than C: ? Physical drive D:? Network Drive?

    How how isn't it a complete Instructable? But anyways, IT WORKED! This is really great. Thanks :D

    worked for me until i went to youtube.com

    i dont see a diference. it still takes me the same time to load portal. after making and clicking it should i restart the computer?

    very good.... works awesome! how do i get my computer back to normal speed?!

    DUDE! that is soo awesome. it worked! my comp. was soo slow and now it is normal speed. thanks! 5 stars for a simple 'ible