Speedball Basics/ Equipment





Introduction: Speedball Basics/ Equipment

This instructable will include things like Mask, Gun, hopper and co2
I will soon come out with one on tactics for speedball and tactical paintball

Step 1: The Mask

I would recomend this mask because it has a very wide field of vision and it has a thermal lenses

Step 2: The Gun

This is the gun I have It is pretty water resistant has a lot of accesory's and has semi 3 burst, 6 burst, and full auto up to 13 balls per second with a stock board

Step 3: The Hopper

For this gun I would highly recommend this hopper because it is reliable loads faster then the gun so you don't hafto worry about chopping balls. Also if the hopper breaks it is a well known brand so many paintball fields will have parts for it.

Step 4: The Power Behind You're Balls!

For the CO2 or air I would recomend CO2 because It is steady until it runs out when air It steadilly goes down as you use it because it is psi and as the psi goes down The force goes down. But it's all up to preferance



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    This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!

    Look, for all the people who want a GOOD guide to speedball, the one i'm working on now will be AMAZING in my opinion ;) .

    Ive finished my guide, take a look at it once it gets published.

    Your gun is a poor choice and co2 is too, for a cheap entry gun look more along the lines of a Proto SLG (Hpa/Nitro only) mayby a Ion (Co2 is accepted but not recomended).

    that gun hopper and tank combo is not a good choice

    Chopping Balls... Who invented that term...

    a spyder is no speedball gun

    air is batter then c02 and it is much more consistant and the regulator keeps it from stedily going down and a lot of high performance guns cant use co2 becase it will ruin the orings

    You need to read more about the way gasses work. N2O or Compressed air will ALWAYS give you better average performance, until the pressure in the bottle drops below the operating pressure of your marker. Typically this is between 250psi and 850psi. CO2 pressure constantly changes with temperature, the speed you are shooting, as well as several other factors. Yes a decent compressed air bottle will cost about $100 or more, but if you play with any kind of frequency it is well worth it. I use a Dark Impulse and a Black Magic Autococker, and I can play almost a full day with either gun, off a single fill on my 48ci 4500psi bottle. Normally I go through 1-3 cases of paint on an average day of play.

    Seriously, there are no names to these products, and CO2 shouldn't be used for speedball, as fast shooting causes most markers to freeze up.