Step 3: Step 3

Make a tube out of the foam paper, butt the ends of the foam paper together firmly for a nice even join.
<div>I used black canvas for the exterior. I then lined the inside with silver Mylar using spray adhesive. Next I used Velcro along the sides to insure a perfect fit. I have also made some black grids that fit inside. The snoot lies flat in my camera bag, and the grid takes up about as much room in the bag as 4 AA batteries. It is very fast to put on the flash and if required I can insert the grid for added light control.</div>
made a similar one last night, but I lined it with white foam paper and added a zipper which means I can use it as a diffusion screen (i think that's what it's called anyway). Will post images and instructable on how do mine later this month.
you can get gaffers tape at quite a few music shops also
Love the photo you took with it. I have a perished old wet suit in the shed, I'm going to chop a sleeve off and try this on my Metz hammerhead.
...is that like canadian for "snout" or something?
Simple, easy, quick, and most of all, effective. BRILLIANT! - Pj
It's a simple, but great idea.... <br/>With digital a digital camera you can see how it works right away... thanks<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.deborahmarcotte.com">Deborah Marcotte</a><br/>

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