Picture of Speedometer Graph in Excel
I have seen some speedometers in some of the professional dashboards. I thought how? How do they do it? So I did some preliminary research and came up with this speedometer. Kindly comment for any changes required. 
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Step 1: Insert Values

Picture of Insert Values
Open a new workbook and enter
Value in cell B2
Max in cell C2
27 in cell B3 (exact value)
100 in cell C3 (maximum value)

Step 2: Creating the Dial

Picture of Creating the Dial

Creating the Dial is simple. I used a doughnut graph to do that.
Doughnut in cell B12
180 in cell B13
30 in cell B14
150 in cell B15
Make sure cell B14 and B15 adds up to 180.

Select the 3 cells and create Doughnut graph from them.
Remove the legends
Change the doughnut angle and hole size to suite you. Mine was Angle=90 and hole size= 81%
Select the 180degree arc and set its fill to none.
In the same way set the other arcs to whatever color you require.

Step 3: Graph for the speedometer pin

Picture of Graph for the speedometer pin
For the graph for the speedometer pin
Graph in cell B5
0 in cell B6
0 in cell B8
0 in cell C6
0 in cell C8

Now for the real thing which will use the values in cell B3 and C3
Enter formulae
=SIN(((((B3+C3)*180/C3)+90))*PI()/180)      in cell B7
=COS(((((B3+C3)*180/C3)+90))*PI()/180)    in cell C7

Step 4: Speedometer pin

Picture of Speedometer pin
Select the cells B6:C8 and create a scatter with streight lines graph.
Delete the legends and all except the graph line.
Open the primary horizontal axis and set the
Minimum to -1 (fixed)
Maximum to 1 (fixed)

Open the primary horizontal axis and set the
Minimum to -1 (fixed)
Maximum to 1 (fixed)

Set the graph's background to No fill

Step 5: Finally

Picture of Finally
Align the pin graph with the dial graph and you are done.
Change the value in cell B3 and the speedometer will show the same!

This is just a basic instructable. Change it as per your convenience as required.