Introduction: Speedy Cobblestone Generator (With Autocollector!)

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Hello! I made this guide to show you how to make a cobble generator that is speedy, easy to use and solves the common problem with big generators: Having to run around to get the cobble. Enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

4 Water Buckets
3 Buckets of Lava
6 Signs

Step 2: Digging Down

Picture of Digging Down

Dig a hole the same as the one in the photo.

Step 3: Autocollector

Picture of Autocollector

Place your 6 signs according to the photo. Next, Place your water also according to photo.

Step 4: Fire And.....Water?

Picture of Fire And.....Water?

Add the temporary stone barrier then the lava and water. Break the barrier on the water side first. You now have a Cobblestone Generator with a Autocollector. :)

Step 5: Optional

Picture of Optional

Follow the photo if you want to increase the output because sometimes the cobble doesnt fall into the water stream. Replace the signs under the water with more blocks. ( The barriers are just there to stop the water and lava. )


Veloxx (author)2014-01-22

Whats a cobblestone generator?

Pyronx (author)2013-12-12

Version 0.8.0 Has been released! WOOT!

Mrdewdew (author)2013-12-12

Seems like a great idea, especially for a sky block survival.

Pyronx (author)2013-12-12

Please, Comment on what i should do next :)

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