Speedy Cobblestone Generator (With Autocollector!)





Introduction: Speedy Cobblestone Generator (With Autocollector!)

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Hello! I made this guide to show you how to make a cobble generator that is speedy, easy to use and solves the common problem with big generators: Having to run around to get the cobble. Enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

4 Water Buckets
3 Buckets of Lava
6 Signs

Step 2: Digging Down

Dig a hole the same as the one in the photo.

Step 3: Autocollector

Place your 6 signs according to the photo. Next, Place your water also according to photo.

Step 4: Fire And.....Water?

Add the temporary stone barrier then the lava and water. Break the barrier on the water side first. You now have a Cobblestone Generator with a Autocollector. :)

Step 5: Optional

Follow the photo if you want to increase the output because sometimes the cobble doesnt fall into the water stream. Replace the signs under the water with more blocks. ( The barriers are just there to stop the water and lava. )



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    Whats a cobblestone generator?

    Version 0.8.0 Has been released! WOOT!

    Seems like a great idea, especially for a sky block survival.

    Please, Comment on what i should do next :)