Picture of Speedy T-shirt into Apron
There are lots of how-to's around for sewing aprons, all of which are great, I never knew how popular aprons were until I needed to make one. Leaving things to the last minute as usual, I realised creating a beautiful master-piece was not affordable, practical or appropriate for something about to go to a festival kitchen.

So this apron has a few different features:
1.  It uses an old t-shirt and a shoe lace
2.  It is very quick and easy and requires no pattern (this took me a few hours to knock up).
3.  The results are functional* and fun rather than neat and tidy!

* Although, highly ironically I was not allowed to wear this particular apron for said festival due to a mis-understanding of environmental health rules -one must have a 'bibbed' apron, apparently. I'll be working on an extension soon...
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Step 1: Select your materials

Picture of Select your materials
You will need:
  • T-shirt : hold it up against you to make a rough guesstimate for sizing. I chose a large mens-sized, air-tex cotton one to give me plenty of material of an appropriate weight and washability.
  • Scraps of material for a pocket and/or decoration
  • Shoe lace - for the ties, you could substitute with ribbon, cord, anything really 
  • Thread
  • Scissors (dress makers/ fabric scissors will save A LOT of frustration and time)
  • Pins and pin cushion 
  • Sewing machine (or lots of time and patience for hand sewing)
  • Tape measure
  • An iron (not strictly necessary but helps with neat edges)
  • Some taylors chalk might also come in handy as an optional extra

Step 2: Create a large tea-towel!

Picture of Create a large tea-towel!
As we are going for a simple, 'cafe style' apron, you are basically looking to create a rectangular shape. When all the edges are nicely hemmed, this becomes like a large tea-towel really! 

So, as the photos detail, the procedure is cut, iron, pin, sew for each edge in turn *.

*One marginal time-saving tip: depending on the t-shirt, you might be able to save some sewing by utilising an existing neat edge on the bottom of the shirt.
Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.
jnifrwebb4 years ago
I def. am going to give this a try
pleabargain4 years ago
Great idea and very good instructable. I must say, though, a bib would make this instructable a little better. That said, it wouldn't be too hard to add one now would it! Thanks for posting... time to borrow my mother-in-law's sewing machine!