Introduction: Sperm

Being a crafty type person, I was "blessed" with two boys, who aren't the slightest bit interested in crafts or pretty much anything else I like. However, every once in a while we manage to connect, so to speak, over a project. Browsing the web one day, my oldest son saw a picture of a stuffed sperm, and thought it was pretty cool. My natural instinct was to say " I can make that..." and thus this pattern was born. It was my first attempt at my own crochet pattern, after decades of making projects designed by others. I especially like the appearance of motion with the tail. Of course, once the first was made, son #2 requested his own, which sits on the headboard of his bed. One of these days I'll get around to an egg for the other side of the headboard.



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    Good one!

    Some people might find this disconcerting,

    but where would we be without the amazing sperm?

    O.K being a crazy kid i find this a bit disturbing but still it was a crazy idea and i LOVE crazy ideas so i think you are:


    Be nice.

     NOOOOO you be nice.

    why are people offended by this? i dont know why people think sex is such a huge taboo thing, like seriously? how do you think you were created?

    Now THAT is crafty. 

    this isnt half as bad as six grade was. especially with the pictures. . .   <:P

    after looking at the list of comments i realize that im pretty much one of the only people posting comments that is not a pro :( whaaaat ever i dont care :)


     Hmmm.   Definitely cute.  Just not sure about making it for an adolescent boy . . .  unless you also Made This.  

    Also, it looks like the diameter of the head is about 1.5 to 3 inches?  You realize the egg you crocheted would have to be a huge sphere?  

    This reminds me a bit of the microbe plush toys sold by your better geek outlets; not my cup of tea but interesting and fun!