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Here are some pictures I took while building a lamp made of of a chain of x-mas-lights and aluminum wire.

Things you need
- 6 meters of aluminum wire
- x-mas-lights (I use a chain with 10 lights)
- a little piece of heat shrink tube
- a side cutter
- a soldering iron
- a little bit of soldering tin


Albeey (author)2010-03-01

can you explain how you make the wire looks like that.......

electropeppers (author)Albeey2010-05-20

Soory, but I don't really understand what you mean. Do you mean how I bend the wires in this spherical shape? If so, I just took two pot of different size and formed three wires circles per pot. Afterwards I put them together as you can see on the fourth picture.
On this frame I just threaded one long wire, until it looks like on the first picture.

But if you want a detailed instructable, please hold on, because I'm going to make a second version of this lamp this or next month.

elladan99 (author)2010-02-28

very nice lamp.

ChrysN (author)2009-09-16

That looks really nice!

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