Spice Cabinet or Bulletin Board?





Introduction: Spice Cabinet or Bulletin Board?

Take a medicine cabinet, mount it in your kitchen wall, and challenge people to find the Peanut Butter.

Step 1: Go Shopping!

(This is a quick and dirty write-up. If you want to do this and need help, post your questions and I'll respond.)

Get yourself a decent medicine cabinet with a nice finish (mine was about $30), a simple bulletin board (RoseArt - $5; must be large enough to fit over the mirror), and some cord/rope.

Step 2: Bad Luck? (Covering the Mirror)

Separate the cork board from its frame (I just used a saw) and then cut the cork board to fit over the mirror of your medicine cabinet. Note: Your cork board should already have its own backing, which you need.

Glue the cork board (with its backing) to the mirror (Gorilla Glue works well here -- what the heck is this stuff made of??) CLAMP IT, or weigh it down until it's dry.

If you have a gap between the cork board and the frame of the cabinet, run a line of the cord or rope and glue this down into the gap (I used a hot glue gun).

Step 3: Pick a Wall...

Now it's time to mount your cabinet. Find a spot in your kitchen and get to work (your medicine cabinet should come with some basic wall-mounting instructions). Mount the unit as you would in your bathroom.

Remember: "Measure twice, cut once!"

You'll need:
- A drywall saw
- A power screwdriver
- A drill
- A level, pencil, square, etc.

Step 4: Aren't You Done Yet?

Finish your installation...then check the cabinet's latch (I had to adjust mine slightly), which is usually a plate and a magnet, and fill!

I used mine to hold spices and the PB (I chose to stay away from liquids). The front is holding pictures, recipies, and the like.



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    I even considered installing a 2nd or 3rd, which would help to balance the first. Oh, and be sure to use something like "Gorilla Glue" for the magnetic latch.

    This is a cute little idea! I'm going to try and incorporate this into my camper conversion :)

    1 reply

    Why thank you! And I'll do better on the next one. Could stand to be a little larger...and a lighter color would be ideal. Most of the spices we had in there expired, so we filled it with tea (which I had left sitting on the kitchen counter).

    Thanks for that! And I would much like to do some of the same... Gotta save it for the next house.

    this is truly ingenious...if i had my own place now i wud be doing htis....although, im glad to find this before i get my own place. that way i can incorporate it into the kitchen from the start...along with some other cool home making instructables ive found. Like the actuator in the counter top or the kitchen PC idea or even the hidden TV in a chest of drawers..anyway enough of my babbling....GREAT INSTRUCTABLE! +1

    Why, thank you, MadVegetarian! How kind of you to say. Meddler was also kind enough to post his thoughts here. Much appreciated!

    Yes, MadVegetarian, I must say that this is quite ingenious of you. - MadVegetarian

    good idea, that wouldent hold an 1/8 of what my wife has though, when we move in the future we're gonna need a truck just for her spices.