Introduction: Spiced Ice Cream Cocktail (no Alcohol)

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In the spirit of a slowly fading summer, I've decided to try out some enhancements to the traditional ice cream float. With all of its embellishments and additions, this particular recipe ended up being more of a cocktail than a float, but its a delicious treat on a hot summer's day nonetheless!

As ingredients, you will need:

  • ice cream
  • ginger ale
  • watermelon
  • cherry
  • lime juice
  • cardamon

Step 1: Watermelon Ice Cubes

Picture of Watermelon Ice Cubes

Make watermelon ice cubes by place a slice of watermelon into the freeze for a little less than an hour (we don't want complete ice cubes, we just want the watermelon to be slightly frozen and slush like). Take the watermelon out of the freezer and cut into small cubes.

Step 2: Pour the Soda

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Fill a tall cup half full with your preferred type of soda - I like ginger ale, but coke, pepsi, and sprite work well with ice cream too!

Step 3: Add in Watermelon Cubes

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To keep the soda cool, add in a layer of iced watermelon cubes.

Step 4: Seasoning

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For a little more tartness to the drink, add in a couple drops of lime juice. To get a fragrant, sweet aroma that's a little more natural than soda or ice cream, sprinkle in some cardamon.

Step 5: Add the Ice Cream

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Scoop out a ball of ice cream with a diameter about equal to that of the cup opening and gently place the ice cream inside the cup. The bubbles and foam from the reaction of ice cream and soda, as well as the watermelon cubes create a neat layering within the drink. If you have a transparent glass, you can clearly see the 3 layers!

Step 6: Garnish

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Decorate your ice cream cocktail with a cherry on top and a small slice of watermelon on the side. Add in a straw, sit outside in the sunshine, and enjoy!


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