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Introduction: Spiced Orange Cafe

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This is my favourite recipe for the french press! Adding ground orange peels,date syrup, and chilled coconut cream just takes it over the top! Wait until you try this version.

1 heaping spoon of coffee granules

1 tsp citrus zest

1 tbsp date syrup

1 dollop of coconut whipped cream or non-dairy milk of choice (pre-chilled in fridge until thick)

Step 1: Organic Citrus Zest

Slice peels off, using your knife while removing the pith (white skin between fruit and peel) where possible. Spread them on a plate and place them on the counter to dry until they can be broken apart in your hand. (5 days or so) Then grind them up in your bullet or food processor, and use them in everything from smoothies to dessert! Stores great in the fridge as long as it is completely dried prior. A mason jar work just fine for this recipe too, and it keeps longer in the fridge.

Step 2: Spiced Cafe

No need for artificial flavours in this recipe! Just add some of your own spices and enjoy often. Morning coffee will never be the same.

1/2 cup of ground espresso

1 cup regular ground coffee

1 tbsp each of cinnamon,ginger,ground cloves and carob powder

1/2 scraped vanilla bean

Add all ingredients to your favourite coffee canister, and store in the cupboard until you are ready for using. Add 1 heaping spoon to your french press and top with 2 cups boiled water. Then add your sweetener and non dairy milk of choice. So easy and delicious!




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    I like the idea of using the orange peels here, i never thought they are useful. I love it.

    1 reply

    I use them in everything from smoothies to whipped cream for desserts. They taste great in curries also!