Picture of Spicy Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Why is macaroni and cheese so good? It might have something to do with the opioids that cheese releases when it melts, but it might also be that it's really tasty.

Sure, you could just buy a box, and stir in that pouch of cheese food product goo, but wouldn't you rather have something delicious? Gooey and cheesey, this has got a little kick, but you can cut down the amount of peppers (or leave them out) if it's too much for you.

Step 1: You'll need. . .

Picture of You'll need. . .
chopped pepper.jpg
- large pot
- medium heavy bottomed pot
- small bowl
- whisk
- sieve
- baking or casserole dish
- large spoon (wooden or other)

- .5 pound elbow macaroni
- 3 tablespoons butter
- 3 tablespoons flour
- 3 cups whole milk (can be substituted for 2% or skim - if you're into that kind of thing)
- .25 cup yellow onion, finely diced
- 1 large egg
- 12 ounces shredded cheese (I prefer sharp cheddar and some jack), plus more for topping
- 1 teaspoon salt
- fresh black pepper
- .25 cup roasted jalepeno (see below)
- .25 roasted red pepper (see below)
- about .75 cup of breadcrumbs (day old bread, crackers, or a few slices of toast ground in a food processor or crushed inside a plastic bag work well for this)
clupoli2 years ago
I just made this with whatever shredded cheese I had left in my fridge... Which turned out to be a Mexican four cheese blend and an Italian six cheese blend. I didn't have any peppers. :( Turned out better than the first (and only other) time I have attempted mac and cheese. :)
Making it (without the peppers) right now will post pictures when its done
Itschefohm6 years ago
Wow! I made this last night, just a coincidence. Its nice to see someone who's not scared to actually make it from scratch. Yours is a good recipe, I make it it lots of different ways. It doesn't matter its always a comfort food.
shesparticular (author)  Itschefohm6 years ago
Thanks! I hope you'll try it this way some time, and that you'll enjoy it!
OH MY GOD! why did you post this!?! you made me so hungry lol =P...

and now i need to go to the supermarket tomorrow to try this amazing looking recipe (and very nice ible)
Thanks so much for the comment! I hope you enjoy it, it really is tasty.
Arkarinum6 years ago
Which kind of cheeses can I use in this recipe? I don't know if they are called this way in USA, but can I use provolone, parmesão ,muzzarela, or gorgonzola cheese? They are Italian cheeses, which are commonly used here in Brazil.
shesparticular (author)  Arkarinum6 years ago
That's just what they're called here too - so no worries. I would probably use the provolone for most of the cheese, and then depending on how strongly flavored it is, I might add in some of the parmesan and maybe even a little gorgonzola (I would consider leaving out the peppers though if I used any type of bleu cheese). A little of the mozzarella may also be good added in, but I wouldn't use it as the base for the cheese sauce, since it might make it a bit stringy. I hope that helps some.
Yeah, I thought the same about the gorgonzola cheese, it would be horrible prepared only with this cheese. The base idea is to join your reciple with a "Four cheese" macaroni reciple we use in here. Besides that, I didn't understand the cheese you used to make your macaroni. I don't use to read much recipes in English, so I'm not familiar with some food names.
shesparticular (author)  Arkarinum6 years ago
Cheddar is a hard yellow (sometimes white as well) cheese. It is sold as "medium," "mild," "sharp," "extra sharp," and maybe others as well. It's kind of similar to American Cheese, but it's easier to grate, usually. I think the provolone should do fine though, the only issue might be that it won't have as strong of a cheesy flavor.
The heat of capsaicin in the peppers is moderated by the cheese, which contains casein (from milk), a lipophilic (fat-loving) substance that surrounds and washes away the fatty capsaicin molecules! I'd guess the peppers add some needed nutrition (as well as flavor) to a not-very-healthy dinner. Mac-n-cheese became popular in America as a really cheap, stomach filling food. But if you don't add tomatoey goodness to pasta, peppers are a good substitute.
tecneeq6 years ago
Looks tasty. In germany we eat pasta usually with tomato sauce, but i guess cheese makes sense too. Thanks ;).
shesparticular (author)  tecneeq6 years ago
Thanks! It really is rather good. I tend to prefer tomato sauce also, but when it's really cold, this is particularly comforting.