Spicy Chicken Tortillas

Picture of Spicy Chicken Tortillas
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Step 1: Get the Ingredients

Picture of Get the Ingredients
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Green Onion
2 Tortillas
Italian Herb Spice
Red Pepper
Sliced Chicken
Half a lime (optional)

Step 2: Wash the Ingredients

Picture of Wash the Ingredients

Step 3: Chop Away!

Picture of Chop Away!
Chop the ingredients into fine slices, except the tortillas!

Step 4: Mix in the Spices!

Picture of Mix in the Spices!
Add lime if you want to!

Step 5: Cook the Chicken!

Picture of Cook the Chicken!
Cook the sliced chicken on a pan with olive oil until chicken is golden brown

Step 6: Cook the Tortillas!

Picture of Cook the Tortillas!
Cook tortillas until nice and crispy!

Step 7: Put them Together!

Picture of Put them Together!
Get your tortillas,chicken, and salsa all together!

Step 8: And Enjoy!

Picture of And Enjoy!
daaboul1 year ago
yes! Me too! I can download others but not this one.... strange...
utester1 year ago
This sounds like a great recipe. Unfortunately, Instructables is having issues with the PDF download. It appears to only be on this one, because I can download other PDFs. Anyone else having issues?