Spicy Cinnamon Apple Soda and/or Mixer

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This is a recipe for a sparkling red spicy apple cinnamon soda.  It requires no special equipment and only one special ingredient (sort of.)  It takes about 15 minutes of prep time plus a few days waiting time, and is about 50% real apple juice.  It's a family-friendly drink straight from the bottle, or a fancy cocktail if you mix in some rum or vodka.  It's also completely free of high fructose corn syrup and can be made reduced sugar style.

Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment

Picture of Ingredients and Equipment

• No Sugar Added Apple Juice - reconstituted from frozen concentrate is fine, too.
• Cinnamon Red Hot Candies - you can find these in movie theater style cardstock boxes. year-round, or as Cinnamon Imperials around Christmas and Valentine's Day.  They're often sold to be used as cupcake decorations.
• Sugar - plain old granulated white is fine, honey works, or a sugar substitute if you're looking to reduce a few calories.
• Brewer's Yeast - I used Pasteur Champagne yeast, any ale yeast would work, and bread yeast is okay, if a little less tasty.  My packet of yeast was a bit less than $1 and would make around 16 liters of soda.  Once you have some in your fridge you'll want to start carbonating everything.
• Water - tap water works fine for me, but do a one-bottle test if you've never tried anything with your tap water and yeast before.  There are some water additives that can keep yeast from working well.  (I go into this more in troubleshooting.)


• 1 or 2 LIter Plastic Bottles - If it has contained carbonated liquid before it can do it again.  I used VERY CLEAN 1 liter bottles that had previously contained some carbonated flavored water.  Don't use glass bottles.  You can purchase bottles for this sort of thing from brewing supply companies if you don't have handy recyclables or want to be fancy.
• Measuring Spoons
• A Funnel (not absolutely necessary but definitely handy)
• Microwave safe glass pitcher or a small saucepan
• Something to stir with
LiveCrafts3 months ago

I don't really like the taste of this.

Cool instructable though..

This sounds fantastic. :D
Foaly74 years ago
Can regular yeast be used? Or does it absolutely have to be brewer's yeast?
Batness4 years ago
Do you really mean brewer's yeast? Because it's not the same as champagne yeast and I figure it's very slow acting...but what do I know. XD
Bindlestiff4 years ago
I'm going to try this soon! I must disagree on one point though: glass bottles are the best! They are classier and the soda tastes better. There is a risk of explosions, but if you're careful, its worth the risk! You must use a capper though--no twist offs. Search for bottling instructables and you should be able to find some great ones.
paraethesia4 years ago
Ooo! I want to make some! But where do you get the Champagne Yeast?
You can get various yeasts online, or look for a local brewing shop.
Try googling "brewing supplies"
Bartboy4 years ago
I want to make this. I must... I WILL.
4.5 * because the instructions could be "easier on the eyes". But it's definitely worth 4.5*!