After living in the Southwest for many years I developed a taste for spicy foods. My favorite is spicy and sweet! I started making my own hot pepper jam 10 years ago and this one is my favorite to put on crackers and cream cheese, on grilled pork chops, even as a glaze for slow cooked ham!

This sweet and spicy jam is made with hot Habanero chili peppers, bell peppers and lots of sugar!
It is good taste.
Sorry all! I've been trying to just delete this but they won't let me :(
Why? I'd love to try this. Big Habanero fan here! Pls, pls, pls post the recipe :)
Mrstopher just wants us to drool over her habanero pepper jam. hahaha
did you leave out the most important part for a reason??<br><br>please provide the instructions and ingredients so we can try...
Yum! How do you make it?
Would love to see more about your project. It looks good.

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