Picture of Spicy Korean Beef Tofu Soup

If you're that kind of person that enjoys spicy asian soups or a healthy delicious meal than this is definately the meal for you on a cold winter day. The soup is consisted of tofu, beef, water onions and chili flakes. This is a great recipe if you love trying new things or you like spicy asian food.

This is a traditional Korean recipe that usually involves kimchi and pork, but this is the more americanized style. It is usually meant to be eaten by coastal families in Asia on cold nights with relatively little cost and time invested in it. Enjoy!

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Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need
-  scissors (T1)
- cutting knife (T2)
- cutting board (T3)
- spoon (T4)
- teaspoon (T5)
- Measuring cup (T6)
- pot (T7)

- 0.5 lbs. thinly sliced ribeye (S1)
- soy sauce (S2)
- 1 onion (S3)
-scallions (S4)
- 1 clove of mashed garlic (S5)
- 2 tubes of tofu (S6)
- salt (S7)
- pepper (S8)
- 2 cups of water (S9)
- crushed chili powder (S10)
- grounded shrimp powder (S11)
- 1 pack of tofu broth seasoning (S12)
- 2 eggs (S13)

Step 2: Preping the Beef

Picture of Preping the Beef
1. Place the strips of beef (S1) onto a cutting board (S3)
2. Using a knife(T2) cut the beef(S1) into cubes.
3. Put in a bowl and mix 3 teaspoons(T4) of soy sauce(S2).
4. Put this off to the sie.

Step 3: Preping the Veggies

Picture of Preping the Veggies
1. Place the onion (S3) onto a cuting board (T3)
2.Using a knife(T2) cut off the ends of the onion (S3) and peel away the skin
3. Place the scallions (S4) onto the cutting board (T3)
4. Using the knife (T2), slice up the scallions (S4)
5. Put these off to the side
6. Place the clove of garlic (S5) on the cutting board (T3)
7. Using the end of  a spoon (T4), mash the clove of garlic (S5)

Step 4: Beginning the Cooking

Picture of Beginning the Cooking
Dokdo1 year ago
Because you used Korean products
Dokdo1 year ago
Are you live in korea?
I'm live in Seoul