Picture of Spicy Orange Lollipops
Like an orangey fireball candy covered pepper filled with more orangey fireball candy on a stick!


Hydrating the peppers:
3 shots of ginger ale
2 shots of water
pinch of salt
4 dried peppers (of your choice, I used 'Dried Red Chiles' the package said chile de arbol = arbol chile = red chile)
1 table spoon sugar

Making the candy:
8 table spoons of sugar
1 table spoon lemon juice
1/2 cup of water
1/2 teaspoon lemon zest

Inside the peppers:
2 shots of orange juice
6 table spoons of sugar

Tools Needed:
Large Pan
Large metal table spoon
measuring cup
metal bowl
plastic baggy
heavy can


Step 1: Hydrating the peppers

Picture of Hydrating the peppers
Taking these ingredients 

Hydrating the peppers:
3 shots of ginger ale
2 shots of water
pinch of salt
4 dried peppers
1 table spoon sugar 

add them to the measuring cup and try to be gentle with the peppers they are brittle and need to become soft slowly.

This takes about 2 hours

After about 45 minutes use a can to gently hold the peppers under the liquid. This will allow any air trapped inside to be squished out and filled with the liquid. Leave the can in for 15 minutes and finish hydrating the peppers.
This might be the most wonderful candy ever created.
canida4 years ago
Wow, those sound incredible! Probably deadly, too.
pork_N_chop2 years ago
Be more specific plz
Shot glasses are different
ashbegash3 years ago
Do these really taste good? :)
papul19934 years ago
What is ginger ale? Anyway I can make this without that?
ryegem (author)  papul19934 years ago
Ginger Ale is a type of carbonated ginger flavored soda beverage. You can make it without it. I would suggest using equal amounts of water and adding fresh grated ginger and more lemon juice. I would like to know how it turns out!
I'll try it for sure. We have home dried red chillies :D. BTW 1 shot = how much by tablespoon or cup?
ryegem (author)  papul19934 years ago
Sorry I'm replying so late, a shot is equivalent 45 milliliters.
anoopkhatra4 years ago
How spicy is this
ryegem (author)  anoopkhatra4 years ago
The chiles rate 6/10 on Scoville scale saying high medium heat. Like I describe a comfortable burn. The peppers are commonly used to bring on the heat!
l8nite4 years ago
You didn't mention the type of pepper, are they cayennes? These do look delightfully deadly !
ryegem (author)  l8nite4 years ago
Updated, ty :)
These are either cayenne peppers, or chile de árbol. I would guess cayenne because they are lower on the scoville scale, and they aren't very red, as chile de árbols tend to be when dried.
ryegem (author)  PatchIsCooking4 years ago
Updated: They are chile de árbols, I'm thinking the picture just makes them look darker. They are definitely spicy, not like a Ghost Chile, but an enjoyable burn :)
abduraxman74 years ago
Coll !