Spicy Pickled Eggs





Introduction: Spicy Pickled Eggs

Well it's a rainy day and the chooks have gone mad with the amount of eggs they've laid, so what to do?

Pickled Eggs are an acquired taste, polarising in fact

You either love 'em or hate 'em


This is an easy recipe to use up all the spare eggs you get when the 2 dozen chooks are all laying!!

Pickling the eggs means that they will keep (almost) indefinitely

Step 1: What You Need

Eggs (obviously) I am using the bantams eggs as they are a nice size and absorb the pickling spices quicker than full sized eggs (also our full sized ones are humongous)

A pan to boil them in

Pickling Vinegar (or Malt Vinegar, or Cider Vinegar or even White Vinegar)


Spices (I use Chilli flakes but Balsamic Vinegar also works)

EDIT (sarcasm alert)

For those who have commented on quantities of ingredients:-

Egg sized eggs! - enough to fill the jars

Jars should be jar sized!

Once the jar is full of eggs (ie you can't get any more in) fill to top with vinegar - if it starts overflowing it is FULL!

A sprinkle of seasoning (chilli flakes) I don't know - let's say 1/4 teaspoon!!

Step 2: Hard Boil the Eggs

Boil for about 10 minutes, ideally use eggs that are a few days old as they peel more easily.

This is no problem if you are using shop bought eggs as they can be several weeks old!!

It doesn't matter if the eggs are a bit dirty as they will be peeled

Step 3: Cool and Peel the Eggs and Put in Jars

I drain the water and refill with cold and some ice before peeling.

You can sterilise the jars (put in oven for 10 mins) but it isn't really necessary as the pickling vinegar will also sterilise them.

Don't throw out the shells, either add them to your compost OR put around plants to deter slugs and snails.

Step 4: Add Your Spices As Require and Top Up With Vinegar

Brim fill the jars and then put on the lid allowing a little vinegar to overflow, this will ensure that there is no air in the jar (do this over the sink)

Step 5: Allow to Pickle!

They take at least 2 weeks to pickle decently but will keep for up to 2 years (not in this house though!)

I keep mine in the beer fridge!

And that's it

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy



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I love how simple this recipe is, dont know why some people are having trouble with it lol pretty self explanatory to me. Anyway... i just made a jar, now to wait for 2 weeks ;)

I know right!

What are the measurements of your ingredients? Isn't that the point of the recipe?

It would be nice to have a number of the egg sized eggs. Would you not to increase the amount of brine for 1000 egg sized eggs as opposed to a dozen egg sized eggs?

What isn't clear about this --You put as many eggs as you can get into the jar without smashing them to bits, this obviously depends on the size of the jar and the size of the eggs. Then you fill with vinegar (not brine) which is a liquid and fills all the little gaps in between, because that is how liquids work. Put enough so that when the lid is put on a tiny amount overflows eliminating any air in the jar

A pasta sauce sized jar holds about a dozen average sized eggs (more if they are smaller, less if they are larger.

well eggs are egg sized! you fill the jar with as many eggs as you can get in! and then top up with vinegar! how much will depend on how big the jar was and how many eggs you put in. There are no measurements really. Ok 1/4 teaspoon of chilli flakes (but I don't measure that just sprinkle in)


Spices ) I use Chilli flakes but Balsamic Vinegar also works"

You can add a teaspoon of sea salt for more "shelf life" and a different taste!