Spider Attack





Introduction: Spider Attack

This is the simplest Funniest costume I have ever made!

First ,acquire a newborn or very cooperative child.

I started by swaddling the baby in a white fabric sack. I made a sack, but a sleep sack would be ideal ,also.

Then I used an entire bag of spider webbing to wrap up the baby from feet to neck.

Once the webbing was secure, I used a wired poseable spider that I created from wire, fabric and fur. It would have been cheaper and easier to buy a spider , but I wanted to make my own.

I placed the baby in a portable basinette that I covered with orange fabric.

The baby was a huge hit this Halloween

This only took a couple of hours to put together.

I might try an adult version next year.



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Wow, that is a brilliant idea and the face in amazing too! Very well done!

Cute, but got me wondering if the child will be afraid of spiders. lol

I agree with the others: the baby's face is priceless :9! Such an adorable idea! How long did it take to unwind the kiddo for diaper changes?

It was easy to wind and unwind , but really she didn't stay in it more than an hour.

This is a brilliant, unique idea, and I bet that baby was lovely and warm. Well done.

This is awesome! I really love your pictures that facial expression is hilarious and perfect for the costume. Really cool idea.

Oh my, this is creepy! But such a great idea, and perfectly executed. Love the look on the baby's face, too!