Spider Man Desk Lamp Before and After




Introduction: Spider Man Desk Lamp Before and After

This isn't a really detailed Instructable. It's more so just for inspiration and to show how I turned a boring old white lamp into something a little cooler ;)

Step 1: Grab Something Plain to Work With

I had marks and mess all over my lamp. My sister and I had matching ones so I decided to be a little different and geek mine up a lil.

Basically you should wash whatever you're using to remove dust and dry it ready for a paint

If it's a slippery, shiny surface you can try using sand paper on the object to help the paint stay on.

Step 2: Chose a Pattern

Use black or another paint colour of choice to coat the object. Wait to dry, and apply another.

I used black acrylic paint (This type of paint does come off if you touch it too much, and you can't wash it - unless you coat it in something for protection).

And then paint your design onto the base colour :)

Pick spider man or another cool character to base your design off.

Note: I used a brush to paint the black over everything. Then I used a bobby pin to draw in the webbing and spider.

Step 3: Finished

Hope this has inspired you :) Thanks



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