To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the original Spider-Man movie release (with hometown director Sam Raimi's vision of Stan Lee's iconic characters), this instructable shows how to make a full scale web slinging superhero and his crazed nemesis, the Green Goblin atop his glider which features working lights and engine exhaust.  The lighted pumpkin bomb and huge spider web are the perfect Halloween accents to this exciting battle scene which will get the trick-or-treater's spider sense's tingling.

This project took less than three weeks to construct and costs under $300.  Besides the mylar balloon bodies, it's made of mostly salvaged junk, old plastic containers, pvc pipes, foam mats and dollar store items.  As with all of my instructables, there are no specialized tools, computer programing, airbrushing skills or complex electronics required for this build.


Step 1: Research

One of the most important steps is to purchase a copy of the 2002 Spider-Man movie along with collecting images and illustrations available online.  A toy version of the Green Goblin's glider can be a useful reference to understanding the look and shape of the vehicle.
I like how you used household items for goblin's armor.Very creative! :)
damn thats awesome
Man, when I first saw the picture, I was sure it was plastic toys! HOLY COW is this awesome!
Thanks so much! You're right, I now see that the scale of the photo is a little deceiving. So I added the words "Life-Sized" to the title.
Smart plan! I didn't click in the first time I saw it because I did think it was toys, but I kept looking at it and knew it had been featured and thought why would they feature toys I must be missing something, so glad I did! Wise move on adding life size and good luck in the contest you got my vote. :)
Wow, that is insane! Well done.
High praise coming from you. Thanks!!

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