Introduction: Spider Massacre V3.0 by Mrbox

Picture of Spider Massacre V3.0 by Mrbox

(To start I credit frozenfire 99 for his spider massacre 1, 2 and the design was based off of massacre 2 so he gets 90 percent of the credit... I get the other 10% for the mods...)

(another thing NOTE this is not the real v3.0 made by frozenfire 99 but it is a mod by me)

Able to use a red or grey rod for ram... (Mine uses red cause I don't have any black rods anymore...

-Shoots through cardboard (ALL THE WAY as in bullet goes front and back through the cardboard) from 13.2 feet without sharpened ends

-Shoots a grey rod 40-50 feet ... the gun isnt made for distance

-Accuracy has been improved (this gun is made to shoot red rods or lower grey rods would flip through the air, to fix that simple replace the yellow rod on the bottom of the gun to a red one then add grey connectors...)

-Bullet lock

-Trigger improvement (Mostly cause the last trigger always broke

-Handle Improvement (Again mostly cause the last handle broke


-Reinforced structural design

Oh and do rate pwease =)

This is an old picture.... thats why its so clear and beautiful!!
(From my old camera before it got destroyed by this gun when it was in testing stage)

Step 1: Knex Pieces Need to Make the Pistol!

Picture of Knex Pieces Need to Make the Pistol!


Green rods - 10

White rods - 14

Blue rods - 7

Yellow rods - 8

Red rods - 4

Grey rods - 0

Black rods - 1 (This isn't really needed but if you were to use a black rod ram you'd need to replace one yellow rod with one red rod....)


(1 slot) dark grey connectors - 24

(2 slot) light grey connectors - 5

(2 slot) orange connectors - 28

(3 slot) red connectors - 12

(4 slot) green connectors - 7

(5 slot) yellow connectors or "half circles" - 12

(8 slot) white connectors or "full circles" - 3

Special pieces:

Blue spacers - 1

Grey spacers (which are 3 blue spacers) - 0

Tan clips - 3

Black clip (which acts like a bullet lock) (if your confused on what piece this is don't worry ill take a picture of it...) - 1 This could be replaced with a two slot grey connector... but it would make it look ugly... but it does do the job!: 1

Y-clip connetors - 3




Your brain

Step 2: The Handle

Picture of The Handle

Improved handle

Pic 1 - completed handle
Pic 2 - connect the six yellow connectors to the two yellow rods
Pic 3 - second view of handle
Pic 4- connect the oranges to the handle
Pic 5- second view of handle
Pic 6 - third view of handle
Pic 7 - connect two yellow rods onto the orange connectors and connect two oranges to the yellow rods
Pic 8 - second view of handle
Pic 9 - third view of handle
Pic 10 - push two yellow rods into the holes in the orange connectors and one in the mid of the handle
Pic 11 - second view
Pic 12 - third view
Pic 13 - fourth view

Step 3: Handle Continued / Trigger

Picture of Handle Continued / Trigger

Pic 1 - connect
Pic 2 - second view
Pic 3 - connect
Pic 4 - second view
Pic 5 - build
Pic 6 - connect
Pic 7 - second view
Pic 8 - connect
Pic 9 - second view
Pic 10 - third view
Pic 11 - trigger: build
Pic 12 - second view
Pic 13 - put the trigger into ther white connetor and attach with a blue rod
Pic 14 - second view
Pic 15 - third view
Pic 16 - build and add to trigger
Pic 17 - second view
Pic 18 - third view
Pic 19 - connect blue rods
Pic 20 - FORGOT SORRY!! Add a grey connector to the trigger as shown in pic
Pic 21 - second view
Pic 22 - add a white rod with 1 blue spacer

Step 4: Barrel (note This Is Not the Same Barrel From V 2.0)

Picture of Barrel (note This Is Not the Same Barrel From V 2.0)

Pic 1 - build
Pic 2 - second view
Pic 3 - conncet
Pic 4 - second view
Pic 5 - third view
Pic 6 - connect
Pic 7 - second view
Pic 8 - third view
Pic 9 - fourth view
Pic 10 - fifth view
Pic 11 - add red rod
Pic 12 - adding the bullet lock
Pic 13 - connect
Pic 14 - second view
Pic 15 - third view
Pic 16 - fourth view (where the red rod connects)
Pic 17 - fifth view ( where the red rod connects)
Pic 18 - connect the ram (which is a red rod and an orange connector, it connects onto the grey connector keeping it in place when you pull it back, when the gun is completed)
Pic 19 - second view
Pic 20 - third view
Pic 21 - fourth view
Pic 22 - fifth view
Pic 23 - sixth view
Pic 24 completed barrel

Step 5: Trigger Continued

Picture of Trigger Continued

Pic 1 - connect a blue rod and add three grey connectors
Pic 2 - second view
Pic 3 - third view
Pic 4 - fourth view
Pic 5 - fifth view
Pic 6 - add a green rod to the three grey connectors and then add three more grey connectors to green
Pic 7 - connect green connector and two grey connectors to the blud rod
Pic 8 - second view

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Picture of Putting It All Together

Pic 1 - connect
Pic 2 - connect
Pic 3 - connect
Pic 4 - connect
Pic 5 - connect
Pic 6 - connect
Pic 7 - second view
Pic 8 - third view
Pic 9 - fourth view
Pic 10 - fifth view

Step 7: Adding the Rubberbands

Picture of Adding the Rubberbands

Pic 1 - Pic 5: attaching ram rubberband
Pic 6 - Pic 8: attacing trigger rubberband

Step 8: Further Mods

Picture of Further Mods

Pic 1 - connect
Pic 2 - second view
Pic 3 - connect
Pic 4 - second view
Pic 5 - third view
Pic 6 - connect
Pic 7 - second view
Pic 8 - third view

Step 9: Con Gratz You Have Reached Lvl 0!!!! Im Joking ... FINISHED!!!

Picture of Con Gratz You Have Reached Lvl 0!!!! Im Joking ... FINISHED!!!


Shoot your friend, dog , neigbor, your eye, your friend eye, a box T.T, a computer, yourself, the gun, other knex pieces, etc...

Throw the gun at your friend, dog, neighbor, cat, turtle, snail, spider, taurantula, whatever

I am also not responsible if you decide to burn the gun or be an idiot and set your house on fire with this gun or even shoot your house with it or destroy our planet with this or even shoot me with it...

NOTE i had to use a magical postion to build this gun and take the pictures, cause i needed arms!

And now for a random picture(s)!


mettaurlover (author)2008-09-15

do you HAVE to use your own brain/soul? i have a brain, but as for a soul... think Mr. Burns from Simpsons

mrbox (author)mettaurlover2008-09-16

... I am a box...

mettaurlover (author)mrbox2009-02-15

i am a nutty genius with a big railgun and no coordination... BEWARE MY HORRIBLE AIM!!!!!!!!!!

ElvenChild (author)mettaurlover2011-04-27


mettaurlover (author)ElvenChild2011-04-27

Dude. Over two years. It's dead.

ElvenChild (author)mettaurlover2011-04-28

SO? I have a habit of bringing up old threads

Bad Maxx (author)ElvenChild2011-04-30

Actually bringing up old threads is exactly why they are not closed after a given time! Opening old threads is fantastic lest they be forgotten! Great Job!!

mettaurlover (author)Bad Maxx2011-05-01

Yes, I know THAT. I also know that NOBODY likes necroing. ANYWHERE.

Bad Maxx (author)mettaurlover2011-05-19

You are once again incorrect. There is no such thing as any sort shape or form of bringing up old posts being a problem here. Nor is it a problem on other sites I belong to. So if it bothers you that much, I guess it is you who has the problem not ElvenChild. And as you know all capital letters is shouting, please do not shout at me.

mettaurlover (author)Bad Maxx2011-05-19

You don't get on the internet much, then. There may be no policy regarding that, but most people still don't like it when something is brought up months or years later that they left to die.

ElvenChild (author)mettaurlover2011-05-02

Ok, I am sorry.

mettaurlover (author)ElvenChild2011-04-28

Which means nobody likes you.

Bad Maxx (author)mettaurlover2011-04-30

There is not a Don't Bring Up Old Threads policy here, and nothing remotely resembling one. But there is a "be nice" policy. If you would like I can explain what that entails or you may read it when it appears every time you click on the Reply button and/or start a new Comment..

mettaurlover (author)Bad Maxx2011-05-01

I know that. I also know that you're not 'ibles staff and clearly not familiar with the concept ofnobody likes getting email about something they left to die years ago.

Bad Maxx (author)mettaurlover2011-05-19

Oh so you are under the impression that because I am not a paid staff member that you can bully people? The phrase "no one likes you", has no business on this forum. I will request you remove it now.

Haha i hate spiders to

altair ibn la ahad (author)2009-10-03

sweet i hate spiders now to kill them all

KnexFreek (author)2009-09-23

very compact very good 4stars

spacecappa (author)2009-05-10


KnexFreek (author)spacecappa2009-09-23

caps lock is on

pls (author)2008-10-25

you should add some more knex to your rubber bands

mrbox (author)pls2008-10-25

? Uh knex to your rubber bands or rubberbands to your knex???

pls (author)mrbox2008-10-25

just looks like theres alot of rubber bands >:)

mrbox (author)pls2008-10-28

Yeah its not at its limit yet =) its still pretty easy to pull it back, maybe i should re modify it with a black rod and turn it into a full rifle with a mag hmm... maybe, not yet though its just an idea....

pls (author)mrbox2008-10-29


mettaurlover (author)2008-09-15

there's a gun just on the edge of the pic... what gun is it?

mrbox (author)mettaurlover2008-09-19

Umm are you talking about the first picture with the yellow connectors or the red gun?

Oompa-Loompa (author)2008-09-02

You type quote, "-Shoots a grey rod 40-50 feet ... the gun isnt made for distance" 40-50 feet is distance. good distance.

mrbox (author)Oompa-Loompa2008-09-10

Well did ya make it? =( To me 40 - 50 feet ... when the bullet reaches past 40 feet the bullet twirls but that can be fixed by using killerk's bullet but i have modded this gun EVEN further and now its more powerful than ever... =) able to piece cardboard at a distance of 20 feet but it does require hot glue and a special way i make the rams and reinforce them =) Not posting ;D! eeheheeee its all mine

(btw it doesnt need to be sharpened to pierce all the way... when i say "it pierces cardboard i dont mean it goes all the way through it just pierces it and is stuck in the cardboard... But if you shoot at a distance less than 20 feet then it will go through if you use the right rubberbands)

Oompa-Loompa (author)mrbox2008-09-10

Yeah, but you said the gun isn't made for distance, and 40-50 feet is very good distance. I just got confused.

mrbox (author)2008-08-21

Umm its not mine... but thanks! The trigger design was originally created by uh Frozenfire99 in his spider massacre v2

I_am_Canadian (author)2008-07-23

Hi Here are the pictures. the last picture is modded to hold 3 ammo on the gun. I hope you like the mods!

mrbox (author)I_am_Canadian2008-07-23

Nice mods! The gun now looks.... like a brick but it probably is better now i guess
=) Man I just destroyed my gun the massacre v3 I decided to load an extra two double up'd 64 bands.... when it fired it shattered the ram snapped the rod in half destroyed my black clip and made a hole on my closet doors...

Ps uh I have lets see here...


Green: 34

1 slot grey connectors: 30~
2 slot light grey connectors: 20~
3 slot red connectors: 20~
4 slot green connectors: 30~
5 slot yellow connectors: less than 20
8 slot snowflake connectors: 8~

What can i make out of this... I dont really know

You pretty much have a good enough collection. You may want to increase your green rods to 100, your white rods to 200, your snowflakes to 300, and your yellow connectors to 300, and everything else to at least 50. You can pretty much get all these for 10 dollars of eBay. if you have at least this much in your collection, than you can build just about any gun on the site. BTW, I have 17,000 knex. That's not a typo. "I'm CATCHING UP TO YOU, DARTH TRAINMAN! BUT FIRST I NEED TO GET MY ROBOT ARM SINCE YOU CUT MY OTHER ONE OFF!"

300 snowflakes??!?!?! what gun uses 300 snowflakes?

The canon by I_am_canadian..

No, My cannon only uses 28 snowflakes, But over 260 blue connectors, and 350 purple connectors :-(

King_Banana (author)mrbox2008-07-26

wow dude, i have like ~3000 knex..... also try killerks pistol without the exotic pieces(if u havent)

mrbox (author)King_Banana2008-07-28

Yeah i have lets see... im guessing here...12000~ knex maybe more... I already made killerk's i have six pistols, two shotguns, three rbgs, two semi autos (TRUE SEMI AUTOS), perfect ducks machine gun then a little mini gatlin gun, mepains sniper, killerks sniper, killerk's pistol, my pistol, paperninja's sniper rifle, and finally the morreti by the burrito master.. there... oh wait and two fold up knex guns by teacher of the ways and last but not least i am canadian's cannon.... I wont be on for like a month so... i may not reply to most comments starting tommorrow because im getting packaged to asia somewhere!

grevious (author)mrbox2008-08-10

wait, you have all those guns right at that moment, that's a f*&%#ng s%$tload of knex, i cant even make basic weapons, i dont have much.. but ive started buying some off ebay, except i live in australia so the s/h from america is much to much so i have to buy from australian ebay, which when i type in "knex" comes up with about 16 results... and my first 2 bids... GOT TAKEN BY THE SAME GUY

mrbox (author)grevious2008-08-14

Might have been me? Nah... But I do have alot of knex =)

grevious (author)mrbox2008-08-14

YOU BA#@$RD GIVE THEM BACK, ILL SHIP YOU TO CHINA! lol nah, but can you tell me how many u have?

mrbox (author)grevious2008-08-15

Im not gonna count it all out unless im the "count" doodle from sesame street LoL but as i said before this may be inaccurate, I think i have at least 12000+~

grevious (author)mrbox2008-08-15

lol if ur the dude from sesame street you can only count to what? 7?

kingghaffari (author)grevious2008-08-18


I_am_Canadian (author)mrbox2008-07-28

Thats it?

King_Banana (author)mrbox2008-07-28

oh i thought that was all ur knex...

I_am_Canadian (author)mrbox2008-07-24

Hmm.... Thats not a lot of knex. You should try thedunkis's TDS.

please post mods

Soopah Steve (author)2008-08-07

This is possibly the most powerful pistol on the site after killerk's magnum. I think it would look awesome with a slide =D +4.5


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