Introduction: Spider Prank

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A quick and easy prank for April Fools. Made out of black paper and common stationary items.

Step 1: Things You Need

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This is a quick easy prank to play on people.

You will need:

-black/dark paper
-prestik/temporary adhesive

Step 2: Draw Spider

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1. Find a silhouette of a spider online.

2. Draw an outline of the spider on the black paper.

Step 3: Prepare Spider

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1. Cut out spider

2. Apply prestik/temporary adhesive

3. Apply to wall

4. Enjoy :D


nanda nair a (author)2015-04-06

so simple, i didn't like it

seamster (author)2015-04-03

So simple! And so devious. I like this idea a lot, thanks!

AshleighL (author)seamster2015-04-03

Haha yea. My sister came screaming to me later, begging me to kill the 'enormous spider' in her room. She was almost hysterical as I leaned to touch it.

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