Spider Rubber Band Bracelet: No Rainbow Loom Needed

Picture of Spider Rubber Band Bracelet: No Rainbow Loom Needed


UPDATE: I have the DIY youtube video posted. If you want to check that out, you can click on the link under my profile name or click here.

I don't know about you but this rubber band bracelet is the only way I would get close to any spider. This Spider Rubber Band Bracelet is so cool, it could literally make you start flinging web. Just kidding, but it does grab a lot of attention. With 2 requests to do this instructable based off the concept I did for another bracelet (click here for that one) I created earlier this year, I knew it was time to recreate this bracelet to share.

What I love is that while this bracelet uses Rainbow Loom rubber bands; you do not even need a loom/ hook or even clips. Make yourself stand out by wearing one of these. They are also perfect for Halloween and cosplay.

Okay, come on, let's get this bracelet making party started by creating one big spider!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Pretty easy on this list, all you need are some small rubber bands.

For my spider I choose the following colors:

Purple (head and body) You will need the most of this color.

Pink (eyes) Only need 2.

Black (body base and legs)

White (web)

If you like another color combo, get creative and go for it. I know that next time I build this one, I'd want to try out the glow in the dark ones.

*A quick note, I am sensitive to latex and Rainbow Loom rubber bands are latex free. Also these rubber bands do not break like the cheap ones you find in bulk for a few dollars less.

Loomking2 days ago
Stiil i love it
Loomking2 days ago
Stiil i love it
Loomking2 days ago
I suck at loom and sucked at this. I mean, i cant even make a cherry
Tiny53123 months ago

That is so cool

mcharles87 months ago
You said no rainbow loom needed but in step 3 you used a loom ?
tofu911 (author)  mcharles87 months ago

If you read the ible, it actually answers that.

tinaciousz8 months ago

Perfect for a witch costume. Bravo!

ankels8 months ago

This is so incredibly awesome!

Phoenix Flare9 months ago
OMG! So cool!

I love your choice of colours!

Looks rather complicated but I will give it a go.

Well done! Looks amazing!
tofu911 (author)  Phoenix Flare9 months ago

Thank you. It's really not that difficult but if you need step by step video I have a 3 part series posted. You could also start with my slave bracelet which uses the same concept but is easier to create and has its own Instructable.

Below is the video edition of this bracelet:

Mutazek11 months ago

So nice!!! I surelly will do it!

tofu911 (author)  Mutazek9 months ago

I just uploaded a very complete video series on how to make this:

tofu911 (author)  Mutazek11 months ago

Thank you. It's easy enough to make.

LoomingG10 months ago

so difficult!

tofu911 (author)  LoomingG9 months ago

It's done! Complete step by step full video on how to make this. I hope you enjoy:

tofu911 (author)  LoomingG10 months ago

It's not too hard to make if you follow the steps. I am currently working on a video to make it but am having terrible recording and uploading issues. I'll let you know when it posts.

LoomingG tofu91110 months ago

Just seen the video thanks!

LoomingG tofu91110 months ago

Thanks, i would find it a lot easier with a video. I have trouble understanding what you mean in the instructions. I found the legs and also the bit about connecting the bands paticulary difficult. It is proberbly just me miss understanding instructions so a video would be great!!! Please let me know when it is posted!

tofu911 (author)  LoomingG10 months ago

Oh, and what part is difficult for you? Perhaps I can explain it better.

link me I make loom projects that don't require looms too
tofu911 (author)  awesomeloominator10 months ago

Good luck on your instructables. There are endless possibilities without a loom. I'm hoping to show more myself very soon.


I have been looking loom band projects that don't need a loom. thank you.☺
tofu911 (author)  awesomeloominator10 months ago

You are welcome.

LoomingG10 months ago

it's so difficult! Can you make one on the loom?

tofu911 (author)  LoomingG10 months ago

No, you can't make one on the loom although there are others who have made spider loom bracelets.

momoluv11 months ago
Good job! I love how the white parts look like a web. Cool!
tofu911 (author)  momoluv11 months ago

Thank you. :-)

loveemma0111 months ago
Very cool
tofu911 (author)  loveemma0111 months ago

Thank you. :-)