Picture of Spider Web Lacing
This is a tutorial on how to Spider Web Lace your shoes. from


Step 1: String

Picture of String
Go under the pair of eyelets second to last.
bendog383 years ago
Will this work with boots?
dim20 bendog383 years ago
works with all shoes that have 6-8-10 etc.
Wareagle3 years ago
Very nice lacing design. I did it in my econ class :D
Mauigerbil4 years ago
they look a little dirty. try this: http://www.instructables.com/id/9-Unusual-Uses-for-Toothpaste/step3/Unscuff-your-Air-Force-Ones-Murphy-Lee/
Works for converse shoes too!!!
doomsdayltd4 years ago
this was fun to do and i gave some better look to my ES's !
Jahful5 years ago
 This looks cool, I'm going to try it on my pair of "Grandpa's Chair" Cons!