Introduction: Spiderino

About: I'm a 29 years old guy, this is my page: http://it.geocities.com/joe_hakketto/MyHackedHardware.html

This is a little spider Robot made of junk copper, look down there are 2 drawings : )

Step 1:

Take some copper cable, soldering iron, a Mabuchi motor an AAA 1,5 volts battery some adhesive tape and puts all togheter, the game is done!



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    does it move? what is the point of the motor and the battery? i would think with the copper wire plus the motor plus the battery it would just shock you alot...but cool thing man i really wnna make this!!! TELL ME PLZ PLZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!

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    It's a vibrobot, the vibrating motor is it's means of movement(it uses vibrations to skate across surfaces). And an AAA battery won't provide enough voltage to shock you.

    this sucks

    Dude, you gotta actually post the materials, tools and instructions. The drawings you're posting can't really be read.

    Now it's perfect i can win easlythe contest, the digital cam is mine!

    ok now you have the instruction right! : P

    i will draw it ok? let me some time

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    Hakaro_Joe (Joe Hakketto)! Add more details soon please :) It doesn’t have to be that detailed, but just explain to us in simple text how you made it. Here's a rule of thumb "Materials, & 1,2,3 steps". You have shown us the materials; now just make some simple steps. Thanks! And welcome to instructables!