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This is a little spider Robot made of junk copper, look down there are 2 drawings : )

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Take some copper cable, soldering iron, a Mabuchi motor an AAA 1,5 volts battery some adhesive tape and puts all togheter, the game is done!


Darkshot (author)2007-08-29

does it move? what is the point of the motor and the battery? i would think with the copper wire plus the motor plus the battery it would just shock you alot...but cool thing man i really wnna make this!!! TELL ME PLZ PLZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!

Random user (author)Darkshot2011-01-09

It's a vibrobot, the vibrating motor is it's means of movement(it uses vibrations to skate across surfaces). And an AAA battery won't provide enough voltage to shock you.

Lego man (author)Darkshot2008-06-21

My guess is that it is a Vibrobot which uses vibrations to move.

Sergant Tinkers (author)2009-05-23

It would really help to have a video of it in action

LoneRanger (author)2006-11-30


bear yogi (author)2006-07-30

this sucks

chuckschambaugh (author)2006-06-12

Dude, you gotta actually post the materials, tools and instructions. The drawings you're posting can't really be read.

removed4 (author)2006-06-11

Now it's perfect i can win easlythe contest, the digital cam is mine!

removed4 (author)2006-06-11

ok now you have the instruction right! : P

removed4 (author)2006-06-11

i will draw it ok? let me some time

akimbo m (author)2006-06-11

_________ To posters... Don't feed the Sea Gulls...

akimbo m (author)2006-06-11

Hakaro_Joe (Joe Hakketto)! Add more details soon please :) It doesn’t have to be that detailed, but just explain to us in simple text how you made it. Here's a rule of thumb "Materials, & 1,2,3 steps". You have shown us the materials; now just make some simple steps. Thanks! And welcome to instructables!

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