Picture of Spiderman Boxer Shorts Pillow
Make a pillow out of a pair of boxer shorts, the bigger your bum the bigger the pillow.

Step 1:

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Obsessive7 years ago
Sweet! Love the boxers. I'll probably just go out to a Super XXL store and buy a pair of boxers! If I'm lucky maybe I'll find one long enough to make a body pillow! ;-)
cool, now you can use your boxers on both ends of your body :-P!!
radiorental9 years ago
cool, and I can stitch (or glue.. I'm a guy) all those crazy socks I get in to one long draft excluder for the front door. really though, cool instructable although I not quite sure what reaction it might draw from guests. I think you mean cushion, I think most people would have issues resting their head on second hand underwear for the night.