Picture of Spiderman Boxer Shorts Pillow
Make a pillow out of a pair of boxer shorts, the bigger your bum the bigger the pillow.
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Step 1:

This project is from my website Craftbits.com
please follow the following link for more photos and instructions on how to make this project.

Step 2:

This project makes use of those unwanted and plentiful boxer shorts that you get at Holiday times.
These pillows are fun, quick to make and Great conversational piece for your lounge chair.
Start by taking your Boxer shorts and turning them inside out .
Pin and Sew along the bottom of the legs to close up the openings.
Stuff with toy filling to desired fullness.
Pin and then Sew the top closed using a sewing machine or Hand sewing.
Can't Sew? Then the only alternative is Glue. Use a strong Craft glue or if your a guy and don't want to even know what Craft Glue is.. then try using Super Glue.
Obsessive7 years ago
Sweet! Love the boxers. I'll probably just go out to a Super XXL store and buy a pair of boxers! If I'm lucky maybe I'll find one long enough to make a body pillow! ;-)
cool, now you can use your boxers on both ends of your body :-P!!
radiorental9 years ago
cool, and I can stitch (or glue.. I'm a guy) all those crazy socks I get in to one long draft excluder for the front door. really though, cool instructable although I not quite sure what reaction it might draw from guests. I think you mean cushion, I think most people would have issues resting their head on second hand underwear for the night.