Spiderman Web Shooter/wrist Mounted Coil Gun





Introduction: Spiderman Web Shooter/wrist Mounted Coil Gun

Today I am going to show you how to make a spiderman web shooter. Basically this is very simple coil gun. I wached the movie "The Amazing Spiderman" and I thought I need to make one of those, but because I can't make a real one that I could use to swing from building to building I decided to make a simple one that just shot a small projectile with string or in this case floss attached. So I started looking for tutorials on YouTube, Instructables, google but I coulden't find a good one. So after a long time of looking not finding anything I decided to make one myself and I came up with this.

Step 1: What You Will Need...

  1. One disposable camera flash circuit (I purchased my circuit on ebay)
  2. An old wrist watch
  3. One DC motor
  4. Four AA batteries
  5. Magnetic wire (22 gauge)
  6. Floss (one container should be enough)
  7. A small plastic tube (I used a piece of a pen)
  8. Electrical wire (About three feet of it)
  9. Three micro momentary switches
  10. Two plastic washers
  11. Something round to wrap the floss around that can connect to the DC motor

Step 2: Tools...

  1. A hot glue gun
  2. Hot glue sticks
  3. A soldering Iron (this is not needed but it is very nice to have)
  4. Solder

Step 3: The Wrist Watch...

You need to get the biggest watch you can find. It needs to be big so you can fit the coil inside. Unscrew the watch back. Now pull every thing out so all that's left is the outer casing. Now drill a hole about as big as the hole of the pen tube or what ever tube you are using. Now drill a hole in the other side just a little bit smaller than the projectile so it can't slip through the back. Now set the watch aside.

Step 4: Making the Coil...

Now we are going to make the coil. First cut the pen tube so it can fit inside the watch. Now take the two plastic washers and put one washer on one end and the other washer on the other end and glue them in place with super glue or a different glue. Now we need to wind the coil. You can use a drill to speed up the process. Make sure you leave about one foot of wire sticking out from both ends of the magnetic wire after you are done winding coil. So now take the tube with the washers and tape the magnetic wire to one of the washers about one foot from the end of the magnetic wire. Now just wind the wire around the tube until it is built up to about the same size as the washers. Now cover the coil with electrical tape( remember to leave about a foot of wire sticking out of this end too). Now feed the wires through the smaller hole that we drilled in the watch. Now fit the coil inside the watch and put the back on and screw it in place.

Step 5: The Disposable Camera Flesh Circuit...

Now we need to do some slight modifications to the flash circuit.Warning disposable camera flash circuits have high voltage capacitors and I am not responsible if you hurt yourself or anyone else during the process of making or using this device. The first thing you need to do is remove the battery. The next thing you need is short out the capacitor to do that take a screw driver with a plastic or rubber handle and touch it to the leads of the capacitor at the same time. When you do this there may be a big spark that means that the capacitor is shorted out and holds little to no charge. If there is no spark that means that the capacitor had no charge to begin with. The circuit is now safe to touch. Now what you need to do is replace the momentary switch because the switch is a small metal piece that is a pane to use and it isn't very accessible. I decided to make it accessible to my right hand so I am going to use some wire to extend the switch to my hand. So take the flash circuit and find the small metal button. Once you find the button flip the circuit over you should see three little prongs coming from the button bend the straight. When that is done the button should come right off. Under the button you should see three small spots that the three prongs touched and one big one in the middle you need to solder one wire about one foot long to the big spot and another to one of the small spots. Cover the whole circuit with electrical tape so you don't shock yourself. Now set that aside.

Step 6: The "web" Winder

Now what you are need to do is make the web winder. If you aren't going to use the web and you just want to shoot your projectile you can skip this step, if you are going to use the web than let's get started. Take your DC motor and your pipe that you'r wrap the floss around so what you need to do is attach the pipe to the part of the motor that spins. What I did was I glued a washer to the part of the motor that spins and the washer fit nicely in side the pipe but you may need to improvise. Now what you need to do is pull apart the floss dispenser in side it there should be a two plastic pieces one that sticks out of each side you need to cut those out and glue one to the motor. When you snap the pieces back together it allows the motor to pivot. Now we need to add the battery pack I used a rechargeable battery pack but you can use three AA batteries and battery pack. Solder the negative wire from the batteries directly to the motor make sure that you solder it to the correct lead or the motor will spin the wrong way. Now solder the positive wire from the batteries to a wire that is about one foot long. And now solder another wire that is about a foot long to the other motor lead. You are done with this step so set it aside.

Step 7: Finishing Up...

Now mount every thing to a piece of card board (or whatever you are mounting it on). Now we need to add the momentary switches. Remember the two wires that we soldered to the flash circuit in place of the old momentary switch we are now going to add are new one. Run the wires that we soldered to the flash circuit under the cardboard down to your hand. Find out the most comfortable spot on your hand for the momentary switch, cut off the extra wire strip the wires an solder them to a momentary switch cover the leads of the switch with hot glue so you don't shock yourself. Now take one of the ends of the magnetic wire that we left sticking out of the watch and solder it to one of the leads of the capacitor that is on the flash circuit. Solder the other end of the magnetic wire sticking out of the watch to another length of wire that is about a foot long and solder another length of wire to the other lead of the capacitor. Now run the the wire from the capacitor and the wire soldered to the magnetic wire under the cardboard down to your hand to a comfortable spot on your hand cut off the extra wire strip and solder it to a momentary switch and isolate it with hot glue. Now we need to add a momentary switch to the web winder. Remember the lengths of wire we soldered one of them to the motor and one of the to the positive wire of the battery pack we need to do the same thing with them, run them down under the card board figure out a comfortable length the cut... strip... solder to a momentary switch... and isolate it. You can tape the wires from the switches together if you want to. Make sure you insulate all of the wires with hot glue or electrical tape. Now you need to choose a projectile. I would suggest cutting off the end of a nail. Now feed the end of the floss through the hole in the back of the watch and secure it to the projectile.

Step 8: Finished!!!

And now you are done!!! Please leave a comment. Let me know what you think. And please vote for me!!!

And here is a list of my upcoming projects.

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    1 year ago

    Is it necessary to use the camera flash circuit or we can use everything seperately

    1 reply

    For my design yes, it is necessary.

    You watched and made this? xD LaserGadgets on youtube dude....come on. If you

    copy something, give the creator credit.

    4 replies

    Sorry I haven't had time to reply to your comment, I have been busy. I respect you looking out for this Youtuber... But if you notice he doesn't post any instructions on how to make any of his stuff... So I couldn't have copied him.

    Thats me. And sure you can. COILGUN on your arm...thats it. And I have a tutorial on my other channel. And its so much like mine, dont act dude :p bad behavior.

    Dude seriously... I got the idea to make this from "The Amazing Spiderman"... I looked on YouTube for tutorials and I couldn't fine anything I was looking for... So I decided to make one. LaserGadgets makes great products and videos... And I don't want to steal his credit!!!

    Its a 1:1 copy of mine actually...I dont mind, but dont act like it was your idea, what is really weird dude. If it was like totally different, fine, but the buttons and everything. Come on. Admit it :p

    Anything really... You could use a pen tube, I think that would work well.

    is it COmpulsory to add the camera flash circuit to the web shooter

    1 reply

    It does not need to be a flash circuit from a camera, but you need some kind of circuit to charge the compactors... I just suggested the flash circuit from a disposable camera because that is the easiest for most people.

    Hey ummm for the dc motor would it work for any rc car

    1 reply

    That won't be possible because it broke, and I haven't gotten around to fixing it... Sorry!!!