Spiderman Afghan


Introduction: Spiderman Afghan

I crocheted this wonderful Spiderman blanket for my nephew's birthday last March. He loves it even more than I could have hoped for, making the time and effort all worth it. Since he has it now, I can only show the pictures I took before it was wrapped up and delivered. Enjoy!

Pattern: Spiderman Round Ripple Afghan by Gail E Craft
Style: Crochet
Hook: 5.0 mm (H)
Red Heart Ltd. Giant Pounder Solid
1 skein each = 893.0 yards (816.6m)
Colorways: 1 Red and 1 Blue

Red Heart Ltd. Kids Solid --
1 skein = 290.0 yards (265.2m)
Colorway : Black



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    22 Discussions

    I know this is a really old post....if anyone has this pattern I would love to get it...the link listed is no longer working...thank you so much in advance for your help!!

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    Here is a pattern link that works: http://cynscorner.blogspot.com/2006/05/spiderman-afghan-crochet.html

    Here is a pattern link that works: http://cynscorner.blogspot.com/2006/05/spiderman-afghan-crochet.html

    help please, the only problem i'm having w/ the black for the spider web is a single crochet,what is the next row. i did the small shell but when i skip the 2 single crochets the space looks way too big. i need to finish it for my grandson for Christmas. help please and if u make rows of color like 5 rows of blue for instance, every 3 rows in a single crochet row (but pretty sure that is only for black row) so would i do a small shell or large shell. i also notice its called large shell but it is single crochet (dont' know why that would be called large shell). or am i reading it wrong. please help me.send me email@ peggyrawley@aol.com

    Help, I am having the same problem with this pattern that everyone is talking about. The afghan starts to curl and won't lay flat. Has anyone discovered a solution to this?  I have taken it out and started over 3 times, but keep getting the same result.

    Also, I end up with only 8 points. The picture shows 12. Does anyone know where I am going wrong to end up with only 8 points?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I had similar problems, but only with the center.  It created a horrible ripple effect and I think it's because it increases too quickly.
    The rest was okay.  I ignored the pattern instruction after the first rows 7- 9 were completed and made sure that all my rows were thus:-
    even rows ... 1 dc, ch2, 1 dc (into the points ch 2 space) (called small shell)
    odd rows ... 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc (into the points ch 2 space)(called large shell)
    The black rows were always the 2 sc, ch2, 2 sc (into the ch 2 spaces (as you need the extra space IMHO)
    All the "valleys" I skipped just 1 stitch - the center one) and not 2 like they said.
    I was told that there are actually 2 different patterns for this afghan out there although I can only find one at present.

    I am trying to crochet the spiderman afghan.  Everything is fine until round 10, which is round 7 repeated.  It starts to curl and I have pulled it apart 3 times but keep getting the same result.  Should I be doing something different than the instructions for round 10, right now I am just repeating round 7, but it is NOT working.


    Help! I finally got the chance to make this awesome afghan and it turned out awful! I remember I messaged you having trouble with the pattern. That turned out fine, but im just having overall trouble crocheting in the round. my first 3 or so rounds curled a bit, so when id finished the afghan it wouldnt lay flat! i need to start it again, any suggestions? I was so disappointed. i made a second attempt and tried to crochet much looser but it did not help. :-(

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    I don't think it's a matter of crocheting a lot looser... it sounds like you aren't increasing properly as the rounds get larger. I'd have to go back and look at the pattern again. My problem was at the very beginning... I had trouble getting the center started, but once that was okay the rest went quite smoothly. I'm so sorry you are having trouble with it!

    Hi.I am a grandma too and would love to make this for my grandson.I,m new to the sight.How do I get the instructions for making this.


    bevneal01 say's; This is simply beautiful! I have a nephew that love's Spiderman, I think I'll try to make him one,he would love it! Glad you gave the link!

    Haha, for what it's worth, check out my Stripes! Blanket an in the background you can see my spider-man clad bed with a pillowcase and comforter of a web-slinging spider-man. ;-) Afghan to decorate it soon to come!

    Great job! I LOVE Spider-Man, well, I'm a boy, so not that kind of love.. but wow, Spider-Man is one of my favorite heroes! This looks very nicely done, looks like you put a lot of thought and work into it, I would love to have one if I could! Great job! +1 rating! (added to favorites)