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Introduction: Spiff Leather Bracelet

It was a simple idea I figure I'll put up on the site. I'm not saying it's never been done before, but I've never seen one as simple as this, also, To the best of my knowledge there isn't one on this site. 

It's a simple concept. You take a simple (slim) leather belt, and then cut it down to acceptable bracelet size. Mine wraps around my wrist twice, just because that's how I like my bracelets.

You then punch holes with a leather punch, and then it's wearable. 

The cost is minimal, I got my belt for 99 cents at Goodwill, or you can use an old belt you have. It looks cool if the belt is fairly worn, and I speculate the shape and size of the buckle affects the spiffness of the whole project. If you have an allergic reaction to metals, the buckle will touch your skin a lot, so take that into account when making this (Clear Nail polish solves this) 

Thanks, and while we're on the subject of belts, check out my Ible 

Thanks, Chance. 



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    I like mine to wrap around my wrist several times. I find an old belt or leather strap, measure to wrap around my wrist several times. For the clasp I glue two magnets to the inside of the ends of the bracelet. (opposite sides of the magnet exposed so they hold together). Recycling magnets from old shower curtains work great. I think it's better to use a thinner leather and not too wide. Not as bulky.

    Honestly, I find it needlessly bulky and unpractical... Everybody with their own taste though...