Picture of Spike Launcher
This is a projectile launcher that I made with my dad (yes, I did say dad, I'm only 13). If you work on it straight through, it will probably only take two hours at most. A friend and I started making these with a straw, tape, and a rubber band. Then we got to legos, and finally a more permanent version. this will shoot barbecue skewers at high speeds, but I'm not really sure about how far in feet it goes. You'll have to try it out =)

P.S. You might want to add flights ( like feathers on an arrow) so the skewer will fly straight. If it flies straight and true, this is a killing machine, so be careful (and send me a pic of how you did it).

Step 1: Materials

plank of wood
PVC pipe
2 copper pipe-fasteners
2 cup hooks
2 eye screws
1 long rubber band
4 screws
a lot of barbeque skewers
im glad you are doing things with your dad. Im 15 and still love building stuff with my dad. There arent too many kids who care about that bonding time
SirNoodlehe5 years ago
kool, I made something similar when I was 10, not as kool though
Modarius6 years ago
My cousin and I made something similar only it looked like a crossbow and had a clothes pin for a trigger. Definitely fun and dangerous, Every thing a 14 year old could ask for, right?
climbermaniac7 (author)  Modarius6 years ago
ya. my friend and i started with a straw and rubber band. we thought that was so cool, so we built one with legos for a more permanent feel. then i got the idea to make a more powerful one, hence wood and PVC. if you want me too, i'l post an instructable for the straw version. you can make it in about 5 minutes.
you should
climbermaniac7 (author)  quesoman6 years ago
ok... i'm leaving on spring break, so should be up after break
kool :-)
climbermaniac7 (author)  quesoman6 years ago
sorry guys it's not up... i'm bogged down with so much homework i barely have time to do anything. i'll get it up as soon as i can. thanks for bearing with me.
wolfman21526 years ago
this... is... so... AWSOME... everyone needs to make it. It may not look cool, but very effective!