Spike Scale Chainmaille Earrings





Introduction: Spike Scale Chainmaille Earrings

Create a pair of scale chainmail earrings in 3 easy steps! This design by Darlene Ostrowski shows how simple it can be to great 3-dimensional jewelry with just enough of a punky edge. :)

Materials List
20 aluminum scales (You can use plain or colored scales)

2 Medium Jump Rings - L16 anodized aluminum (16 SWG 1/4” / 6.4 mm)

2 earwires

You will also need two pairs of flat nose pliers to make this project. We recommend Euro Tool Ergos for people new to this craft.

Step 1:

Position the scales together in pairs following as shown and place them on the open ring. Note: The concave side of each scale should face each other so that the scales are “cupped” together instead of being stacked flush or flaring outward.

Step 2:

Repeat step 1 by adding the remaining 4 pairs. You can use a pair of colored scales in the center if desired.

Step 3:

Before closing your ring, add the earwire. Repeat steps 1-3 to make the other earrings and you're done!



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    it dose look lovely

    These are so pretty! And I really like that you link directly to the items that you used for the project!

    Oh, love it! I even have some scales and rings laying around! Awesome! :)