As usual I forgot to start documenting my costume from the begining so I have started when I remembered. Its all fairly straight forward but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

This costume is a nice effective quicky if youve left it too late for Halloween.

I hope you enjoy, this is only my 2nd instructible and any constructive critism is welcome.

Step 1: Clothing

Find something you wouldn't mind being destroyed. This is a fun first step as you can do what you want to this garment. I chose a simple wrap dress.

I put the dress on and marked on front and back where I want my spike coming through. (as its a wrap dress I had to mark the inner front layer too.)

Once youve marked it, take it off and snip a hole the same circumference as your spike.
I used pinking shears because I happen to have them but you can just make a ragged cut.

Then I mixed some paint. I've used red and black acrylic (much more red than black) 
I used this paint around the holes an added some finger streaks and mud etc because my spiked person happens to be a zombie.
Excellent costume, gnatquill! Here's my last-minute take: <br> <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Shadris-Spike-Through-the-Stomach/
That's brilliant! Its a very effective quickie, isn't it? <br><br>Happy (belated) halloween! <br>:-)
its awe some im makin it 3 days before halloween
oooooh yes, this will help Dr. Horrible and Dead Penny pan out nicely next year..... thanks!!
I like the umbrella idea. I think we have a bad umbrella around that I could saw in two (three really) pieces. Also I'm thinking could take some pieces of chicken guts (or something similar) and have them hanging off of the umbrella tip. A wooden stake isn't bad either - I like that better than the metal spike concept. Also, you can buy beef/pig blood at a lot of ethnic food markets. Can't get much more real than that, can ya?
I was going to try using red glue sticks for my glue gun and spooge it all over but I wanted to keep it cheap. <br> Wouldn't the guts go off while you were wearing it? And blood starts to smell straight away! <br> <br>I used the metal spike predominatly because I was sort of aiming to replicate the 'drunk girl' zombie in Shawn of the Dead.
looove it, this a cool last minute costume, I will surely do it next week
Thanks. Post some freaky halloween photos for us? <br>:D
I like it, very good. I love how well the bits line up to make it look real.<br><br>This is far too complicated considering, but if you're making an open-ended impale like that, it would be so cool to have some sort of optical illusion to make it look like you can see through the hole your 'pipe' would have made.<br><br>Or spraying the pipe with a little lacquer to add a bit of shine. Especially if you have lumpy looking bits of blood near the exit/entry wounds :P<br><br>If I use this as inspiration, I'm going to go either really easy and do a (closed) broken pipe end, or go crazy with a moveable body part impalement or something (which would also work very well with a zombie costume :P ).
I actually considered putting a small light at the base of each pipe to try and simulate seeing daylight through it but it wouldnt have looked good at the (dark) party. <br>I'd add it if I was going to use this costume on a daylight zombie walk or something though. <br> <br>I'd also like to try it with an umbrella...maybe next year. :D <br> <br>(Post pics please if you end up doing it.)
Maybe small mirrors at the base on each side to reflect in low light would help with the illusion of the pipe going straight through?
Oooh, that is a good idea! <br> <br>I'm reluctant to take mine apart now but if anyone tries it, let us know how it turns out.
I love it.<br><br>You ought to make yourself a sign for over your workspace, though; <b>Remember to take photos from the beginning!</b><br><br><sub>In fact, you could make yourself an Instructable of making yourself a sign to make an Instructable. Just remember to leave a sign over your workspace...</sub>
Thank you so much! <br> <br>A sign is a very good idea, but I'm not sure how interesting I could make an instructable of making an instructable sign! :D
Cool :D

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