Picture of Spiked concrete lamp
Noticed the project presented by http://www.instructables.com/id/Concrete-Lamps/ in which he did a great job and I decided to create one myself (having some prior experience in concrete) with all the steps necessary, and I hope, very good steps for you to follow and mix with your own awesome creativity.

This project was very fun and it involved a lot of creativity. Also the materials used in this project are based on your personal taste. I love the combination between white cement and copper or a copper with an old patina. So its up to you what kind of cement, stone powder of even stone rocks, it depends on your taste and the size of the project.

Materials needed:
  • white cement
  • marble powder (for a smoother finish, not a rocky industrial one)
  • board polystyrene foam(minimum 5 mm thick) for the mold in which you pour the cement
  • copper pipe, copper fittings
  • copper rod and steel rod
  • copper wires or normal wires
  • duct tape or something similar
  • electric wires , light bulb, light bulb socket & all connecting stuff
Tools needed:
  • clippers
  • Dremmel tool or anything that can be use for sharpening a rod
  • knife
  • marker
Please use all the proper safety measure and enjoy:D
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