Picture of Spin Yarn from Cat Hair
I acquired a long-haired cat that hadn't been groomed in a while. Rather than throw the new cat directly into a bathtub and scrub her, I decided instead to shear her and spin her fur!
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Step 1: First Step: Corner your unsuspecting cat

Picture of First Step: Corner your unsuspecting cat
Actually, I didn't corner her. When she was getting used to the house and my existing cat, she was already sequestered in one of the bedrooms, so there wasn't anywhere for her to run. Don't worry - she's not angry; she's a Scottish Fold, and her ears are naturally folded down like that. I believe that she must be part Persian as she has a flat face.

Step 2: Second Step: butcher the cat('s coat)

Picture of Second Step: butcher the cat('s coat)
Using a pair of scissors and a comb, I sheared her fur gently (and over a period of a few days) when I was petting her and we were getting to know each other. She had numerous mats in her fur, and I'm sure it felt good for her to get all of those off her body. She is actually pretty cute now that she looks like a lion!

Step 3: Third Step: card and spin the fur into yarn

Picture of Third Step: card and spin the fur into yarn
I spin angora wool from my rabbits, so it wasn't too difficult to spin fur. Before I spun it, I had to card the fur to make the fibers lay in the same direction. Since it was dirty, it had a tendency to mat in my hand when it was being spun.

Step 4: Fourth Step: make a keepsake

Picture of Fourth Step: make a keepsake
Both my son and I wanted keepsakes made from the fur, so I knit a little something for each of us. I was able to get 80 yards of yarn from one cat, so I could have made something more significant, but the fur was rough like wool, and I didn't want to risk wearing a keepsake and encountering someone very allergic to cats. :)

How do you spin it? This is my first time. I have a wonderful grey long-hair cat, and I would love to learn to spin. Can you explain it to me? What do I need?

meralgia (author)  deborah.w.decarlo5 months ago
I own a spinning wheel and have many years of experience in spinning wool. Some of your local yarn shops may offer classes, but it takes a lot of practice to learn how to spin shorter fibers such as cat and rabbit fur..
charlieanderin12 months ago
But that's a great idea
charlieanderin12 months ago
You completely sheared her!?!
paperwhite1 year ago
I love this instructable! We have two long haired cats--one very pretty calico and a handsome orange and white boy :) We shear the boy pretty regularly, and I've always wanted to see if I could spin his fur, but I haven't gotten around to figuring out how to card it all (no drum or hand carders right now). I'll keep this handy for after his fur grows back and it's time for another trim in the spring :) Thanks for posting!
meralgia (author)  paperwhite12 months ago
Have you thought about having your cat sheared?
We almost certainly will, but not until the weather warms up. It's still very chilly and damp here. I'm looking forward to working with his fur :)
meralgia (author) 1 year ago
if you want me to spin your cat's hair, i can spin it for you (for $15/oz).


meralgia (author)  mearea12 months ago
Do you want me to spin your cat's fur (at $15/oz)? Email me at
Jlh0320 meralgia12 months ago

i would love you to spin my cats fur. I have approx 12oz. How do I contact you?

meralgia (author)  Jlh032012 months ago
My email address is

I would be honored to spin your cat's fur. If you would please email me there I can send more info on shipping and cost etc!
SynCallio1 year ago
Aw man, I'd love to spin my cat's hair. Not just 'cause there's so much of it, either. He's long-haired (possibly a Norwegian Forest Cat mix) with a double coat, and his undercoat is really silky and soft.

Have you tried washing the hair? Or the cat? It's not the hair that people are allergic to, it's the dander. There are shampoos and washes designed to eliminate dander. Not sure if you have to use them on the cat, or if they might be used to wash loose hair. At any rate, I think it'd be worth the try!

Also, your cat is adorable. Scottish Folds seem to have flattish faces (see Maru of YouTube fame), though the longer fur makes me think she might be part Persian anyway. I hope she's getting along well in her new home!
meralgia (author)  SynCallio12 months ago
Have you considered getting your cat sheared for the summer?
mearea1 year ago

Hi, I have been looking for someone to make my dogs fur into yarn for so long and no one has ever gotten back to me. I understand that you say you do cats but I am desperate and looking for someone to do my dog! If you are allergic to dogs, it doesn't matter because she's a labradoodle and is hypoallergenic. If you could spin it into fur please email me at

austin3 years ago
do you wash the fur at any point?
ChrysN3 years ago
The yarn is a gorgeous colour and looks so soft. I'd love to see how you spun the yarn, I've only ever felted my cats fur.
scoochmaroo3 years ago
I love it! I've never had long-haired cats, but in the summer in Texas, we used to shave our cats. Never thought of spinning their hair - I would have no idea how! Maybe you can post some process shots if you do it again!
That looks cool! I've heard of this somewhere before, but never seen it done. It would be awesome if you had in process pictures! And I LOVE fluffy cats! But she is still cute after her haircut!